Biblical Criticism

Jul 5, 2022
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How do you feel about contemporary Biblical Criticism?

The major types of biblical criticism are:

(1) textual criticism, which is concerned with establishing the original or most authoritative text

(2) philological criticism, which is the study of the biblical languages for an accurate knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and style of the period

(3) literary criticism, which focuses on the various literary genres embedded in the text in order to uncover evidence concerning date of composition, authorship, and original function of the various types of writing that constitute the Bible

(4) tradition criticism, which attempts to trace the development of the oral traditions that preceded written texts

(5) form criticism, which classifies the written material according to the preliterary forms, such as parable or hymn.

biblical criticism

I find it helpful as well as challenging. Sometimes even challenging to my faith. I do not see Britannica listing Historical criticism which is one of my favorites along with philological criticism.

I feel that it is a cult of Bible Gnostics that do everything they can to promote one manuscript, Vaticanus, while also taking mens faith in the Bible away by saying no translation is perfect but mythological originals that they or anyone else has seen. This has been the status quo since the advent of Westcott and Hort
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I'm hearing an unsound sound!
Oct 28, 2006
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Take for instance a time back when I first was learning the ropes on what the Christian faith "is." I remember going into a Waldenbooks, back when they had that kind of thing, and I perused the religious section. I was looking for biblically related things, but I happened across a copy of The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. My first reaction was, "Woah, hold on there! Really?" And I reached out, picked it up off the shelf, and I leafed through its contents to find some juicy, central idea within it. Guess what happened next?

I guess I better wrap up this loose end by saying that the answer to my question above is: Nothing! Nothing happened, other than that for a few moments before I shoved the book all too firmly back on the bookstore shelf, I was dumb-struck by the fact that anyone would take what Anton LaVey had to say seriously.

And that was that. :cool:
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