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Are you happy and at peace right now?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jisoo Shin, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Jisoo Shin

    Jisoo Shin New Member

    United Kingdom
    As we live our lives, there are many times we face problems we simply cannot resolve by our own strength. Problems with our Family/Work/Our Children/Anxieties/Over an uncertain Future/Spiritual Problems/Physical Problems are always before us. That is why some people get lost in drugs/alcohol/reckless lifestyle. Searching for an answer, they turn to religion/superstition/shamanism/money/power. Why do we have there problems? Is there a solution?

    1. Original Man
    Of all creation, only humankind was created in God's image.
    Just as fish must live in the water, birds must fly in the air,
    and trees have to be rooted in the ground in order to live,
    humankind was created in God's image and must live withe God. - Genesis 1:27-28

    2. Humankind's Fall
    However, humankind was deceived by Satan and fell into unbelief,
    ultimately separating from God. Satan is God's adversary and seeks to bring suffering
    and curses on humankind, leading them to destruction. - Genesis 3:1-6

    3. Humankind's fundamental problem of separation from God
    1) Child of Devil - Humankind who has left God is spiritually dead and
    has fallen under the control of Satan. - John 8:44
    2) Idol Worship - As the result, people try
    superstition/idolatry/fortune-telling/exorcisms/good deeds to find happiness,
    but are destined to live a life over which they have no control. - Ephesians 2:2
    3) Mental Suffering - Caught up in strange curses such as
    anxiety/resentment/futility/metal problems/nervous breakdowns/insomnia/depression people continue to face destruction regardless of their
    social standing/wealth/knowledge/accomplishment. - Ephesians 2:3, Matthew 11:28
    4)Physical Suffering - Their physical bodies are oppressed by
    terminal illness/chronic illness/ diseases/nightmares/sicknesses
    that lack any real diagnosis. - Act 8:4-8
    5)Death and Judgement of Hell - People deny God and cling to their own reality
    but ultimately die and face eternal judgement in hell - Luke 16:19-31,Hebrews 9:27
    6) Spiritual inheritance - in the end, these problems are passed down
    as an inheritance to the children. - Exodus 20:4-5

    4. The one and only solution, Jesus Christ
    Anyone who sincerely believes and accepts Jesus Christ into their heart, receives salvation.
    - Romans 10:13, Romans 10:9-10, Revelations 3:20, John 1:12

    Jesus means Savior that is his name
    Christ means The anointed that is this title

    Jesus is the Christ. Matthew 16:16
    Jesus is the one and only way to meet God. John 14:6 (True Prophet)
    Jesus took care of the sin that separated us from God,
    and the sins that we commit everyday completely. Romans 8:2 (True Priest)
    Jesus completely destroyed the devil's authority who made us fall into sin.
    1 John 3:8 (True King)

    Just sincerely repeat the following prayer!!

    Father God, I know I am a sinner. I have lived my life until now doing whatever I pleased. But I now believe that Jesus is the Christ who died on the cross and resurrected for me.
    I open the door of my heart and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
    Come into my heart and lead me for all eternity.
    In Jesus' name I Pray. Amen

    5. You have received salvation and now also have tremendous blessings
    1) Now, you are unmistakably a child of God. - John 1:12
    2) The Holy Spirit is always with you and guides you. - 1 Corinthians 3:16
    3) God answers your prayers. - John 14:13-14, 16:24
    4) You can break Satan's forces through Jesus' authority.
    - Mark 3:13-15, Luke 10:19, Matthew 12:28-29
    5) As God's child, when you pray or when you face hardships.
    God mobilizes His angels and heavenly army ti guard you.
    - Hebrews 1:14, Revelations 8:3-5, Psalm 103:20-22
    6) You are now God's people with the citizenship of heaven
    and can enjoy this blessing on earth as well. - Philippians 3:20
    7) God has restored your authority to conquer the world with Gospel.
    - Matthew 28:16-20

    If you would like, I can provide continuous guidance on living you Christian life.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
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  2. Thess

    Thess Well-Known Member

    United States
    Outstanding! I am very happy to see that you're offering disciplship as well. Not only do you read the Word, you're living it. Excellent leadership and example for everyone here to follow, everyone.
  3. EmmaCat

    EmmaCat ALL Heartbeats matter Supporter Angels Team CF Ambassadors

    United States
    Fundament. Christ.
    Being happy and at peace sometimes comes from going through many, many obstacles and finding happiness through these also as well as contentment, love, and acceptance is often a gift.

    It is good to know what is a gift of life and what are blessings. There is a difference.

    All good things
  4. mnorian

    mnorian Oldbie--Eternal Optimist Staff Member Administrator Supporter CF Senior Ambassador

    Howdy Jisoo;
    welcome to CF; May the Lord Jesus guide you here as well as in the world; and may you find friends and what ever you need from the Lord here. I do have a question for you; do you like music--Praise & Worship music? Well we have a new forum here at CF just for P&W music and at the top is a directory of other Christian music threads around CF; come and take a look!:wave:

    Praise and Worship Music


    To The

  5. Southernscotty

    Southernscotty Well-Known Member Supporter Angels Team

    United States
    Welcome to the Forums friend, We are happy to have you :wave:
  6. sunshine100

    sunshine100 Love God Love people Supporter

    United States
    Hello and welcome