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Are you going to watch the movie "Noah" with Russel Crowe?

Discussion in 'The Box Office' started by Timi Celcer, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. rick357

    rick357 bond-slave

    For one the scripture says Noah was a preacher of righteousness for the time he was building the ark. The watchers were not encased in stone and not redeemed by helping Noah there is no seed from eden and Noah would have known the flood was to save those made in Gods image not destroy them so the animals and plants could have nice place to live
  2. Isambard

    Isambard Nihilist Extrodinaire

    I imagine the people in Noah's also didn't live in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style society either. It's called artistic licence and its used to explore aspects, themes, and ideas behind an original story's work.

    QED name a Bible-based/themed movie that was critically successful which didn't take massive liberties with the source material.
  3. rick357

    rick357 bond-slave

    That was my point that Noah was just a selling point and we watch a movie to be entertained not learn scripture.
  4. USCGrad90

    USCGrad90 Seeker

    Finally rented the movie from Red Box last night. The rock-creature Watchers were laughable and looked like a combination of stop motion and digital effect. I thought the Ents in Lord of the Rings were much better made.
    The portrayal of Noah's relationship with God was nothing like the Bible explains it and there were many inaccuracies (age of Noah when Lamech died, birth order of Noah's sons, etc...)
    Visually, the movie was very good, as I thought there were many scenes where the landscape came alive and were well thought out.
    Overall the mish-mash of different elements (Abraham and Isaac binding reference with the babies at the end) and introduction of fantasy elements to fill in the gaps actually took away from the story of Noah in my opinion.
    If this had been presented as a story about a guy building a spaceship to save his family - maybe it would have been better...
  5. Lollerskates

    Lollerskates Junior Member

    Common, and most likely TRULY global. It was the end of the world as the Hebrews (8) knew it; why would it be limited to region if God said it was global. He said waters from beneath, and above would participate in the flood. Sounds like seismic activity and possibly celestial assault to me (earthquakes, vulcanism, asteroids, high mass bodies, etc.)

    Holly wood is the wood witches magical magi use for their wands. Is there any surprise Hollywood rewrites history, and deceives given this?


    KNOTLIKEYOU Junior Member

    In Relationship
    i thought it was awesome really cool ambience to it