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are we men and women of God?

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by psalms 22.3, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. psalms 22.3

    psalms 22.3 Member

    well are you?

    im not trying to be critical, and im no-ones judge.
    but i read something today that really made me think about just what i really am. i like to think i am a man of god, and that i am something good becuase i really want to be, but i found i wasnt as great as i wanted to think.

    well, i was reading from james 1.26


    so, it doesnt matter how spiritual you think you are, or how much you know, or how well you think you can hear gods voice, or how great a revelation you think you have, or how well you can preach, or how long youve been saved.

    if you think your something,YET YOU CANT CONTROL YOURSELF UNTO GOD, then your just deceived.

    you think your a man of god, but you cant stop from cursing someone. you think your a man of god, but you cant get out of bed in the morning early enough to pray before you start your day. or you men cant get your eyes off that womens hips. or to give god an hour or 2 out of your whole day.
    (sorry, i dont know any women problems haha)

    this is short and simple, but it is strong.
    im not trying to put down anyones esteem in themselves.
    but we should all look at the word of god, and go farther.
    and we will never be great men and women of god, untill we are disciplined. we must be able to control our bodies, if our natural desires are overiding the law of god that we know, then we are flesh ruled people. the spirit must have supreme authority and control if our lives if we are to accomplish anything worth accomplishing, and if we are flesh ruled people, then the bible says we are not men or women of god, but VAIN people. worthless people.

    in jude 20-21
    it says to KEEP yourself in the LOVE OF GOD.
    keep or control yourself, out of love for god.

    if you really love god, and are a real man or women of god then youll obey him and youll control your body.

    shoot, ive got some work to do.
    but i will doit.
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  2. NRutman

    NRutman New Member

    Hey man, I agree with you (at least in most of what you're saying). Although I think it's very important to know ourselves enough that we can claim (like Paul could), "I am the greatest sinner I know". We should not know anyone's sin more than our own, and in this light we should be totally compassionate with those caught in sin.

    Hope that helps,
  3. psalms 22.3

    psalms 22.3 Member

    well, i do not agree that paul said "I AM THE CHIEF OF SINNERS" becuase he had so much sin in his life.
    paul was the man who preached that we should crucify our flesh and walk in the spirit free from fullfilling any lust of the flesh. and that with every temptation there is a way of escape.
    he was the cheif of sinners, and the least of the apostles becuase of his past, he had been a murderer of christians, and that is why he called himself that. not becuase his present life was full of sin or that we cant live free of sin. the bible commands us to, after we have been born again.

    well, i didnt create this post in an attempt to know other peoples sins.
    and just becuase god has compassion on some of our sins, does not mean he simply excuses them.

    i beleive the majortity of sin in a christians life, is not a result of lack of ability to overcome them. but from disobedience.
    of all my sins, i can always look back and see where i disobeyed god and set myself up for it. becuase no matter what, there was always a way of escape. and i didnt choose to take it.
    this kind of lifestyle does not need a voice of compassion, but a voice commanding it to shape up and get in line. discipline.

    and i am not nullifing grace or the need of it, but faith without works is dead. and we should show our faith by our works.
    yes we are forgiven no matter what we do, but grace is more than just mercy. grace is a force that empowers you to overcome sin as well, and to not eventually overcome sin in your life can only be becuase of disobedience.