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Anyone remember the Crosswalk forums?

Discussion in 'The Junk Drawer' started by ThisIsMe123, Aug 13, 2017 at 7:08 AM.

  1. ThisIsMe123

    ThisIsMe123 Not sure

    United States
    I used to be a member of those forums long ago. Then...they shut it down, the site it still up though for other purposes...but I vaguely remember the reason having possibly to do with people discussing hot button topics that overwhelmed the message boards?
  2. Chosen_and_blessed

    Chosen_and_blessed Active Member

    I low-key remember the name 'Crosswalk' but other than that, nope. I remember the Christian chatrooms on MSN. I got saved on one, I think it was called Prayer Warriors. Many years ago now and sadly I lost the piece of paper with the date on it. It is probably still in my old Bible in another part of the country so maybe I will get it back someday. Online ministry saves lives.
  3. Dave-W

    Dave-W Our six grandchildren Supporter

    I was very active on that forum, got to know a few people including Fritz. I came by way of Christianity.com; which then merged with Crosswalk and Crown Financial to make the faith community forums. What happened was Salem Communication (radio chain) bought them all up and then took the whole forum to Facebook. (I think they are still there) Before that transition they/we were over 100k members.
  4. Ron Gurley

    Ron Gurley What U See is What U Get!

    United States
    Anyone remember:
    Beliefnet ??
    It still exists but no input blogging.
    They now ADVERTISE.
    My guess: They sold their HUGE international data base!