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Anyone interested in heart healthy support?

Discussion in 'Cardiology & Blood Pressure Issues' started by rainbowpromise, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. rainbowpromise

    rainbowpromise Senior Contributor

    I was thinking setting personal goals, changing lifestyle, being accountable.

    My personal changes are:

    • Start with zero fast food during recovery, eventually allow monthly better choices
    • Increasing my daily walk until I can handle what I used to
    • Increasing my vegetable intake
    • Avoiding prepared foods in my kitchen
    At this point I am still in recovery, so it's natural for me to stick to it. Eventually I am going to get lazy and slip up. That is when I need people to tell me off.

    Anyone want to join me with your own personal goals?
  2. Roseonathorn

    Roseonathorn Well-Known Member Supporter

    That sounds great, here is spring and the nettles has reached their healthy tasty6-10 inch stage. I know it is a weed but one can make food of it and it is very healthy. I have even plans of putting some in the freezer. It needs to cook 30 sek to a minute, Then it needs a cold water rinse and then it needs to be chopped into pieces. Packed and stacked and taste like spinach. Free from the nature. We also have a yellow flower in swedish Maskros, that is great for melting fat and aiding diabetes. Mom got rid of her diabetes2 meds and it is a common weed. First one eats the leaf in sallads ten a day until they get too bitter, then ten flowers a day, then in august or so or when weeding one can harvest the roots and wash them peel them and cut or pulverize them. Mom has lost 40 lbs and it didn't cost a penny and she has less weed among her flowers. Less fat means also less likelihood of heartdisease. So now I also pick these leaves and flowers and put them in a vase on the table for lunch. Good luck with Your vegetable diet.
  3. *LILAC

    *LILAC Well-Known Member

    I buy organic nettle tea in the grocery store. It's available pretty much everywhere! Outside and on the shelves! :)

    Fish oils are also very good for the heart and I take magnesium not just for the heart but also for bone and muscle health. Working out with weights is also very beneficial for all muscle and I can feel it when I slack off. I literally have to kick my own butt into gear when I get lazy! :p Green tea is also great because I can't handle coffee.
  4. Roseonathorn

    Roseonathorn Well-Known Member Supporter

    I harvested nettles yesterday, they grow on our yard as weeds. We put them in all sorts of foods. I have been lazy with my workouts lately since I have more gardenwork. I now am down to using 10 kg dumbells and 70 kg deadlift. I have not been to the gym for some time but I work up my pulse several times a day with gardening. I did read that salmon in Canada has been radioactive and norveigian salmon haspcb and dies of licetreatment so I hope sardine oil is better but one never knows.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2017