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Discussion in 'Non-denominational' started by Daveinchrist, Apr 29, 2002.

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  1. Daveinchrist

    Daveinchrist Man of the Word

    ABILITIES (Skills, Talents, Gifts)
    How are our abilities an indication of God’s care for us?
    BIBLE READING: Exodus 28:1-14
    KEY BIBLE VERSE: Instruct those to whom I have given special skill as tailors to make the garments that will set him apart from others, so that he may minister to me in the priest’s office. (Exodus 28:3, TLB)
    God has given everyone special abilities. Tailors used their special skills to help with the work on God’s tabernacle. Each one of us has special abilities. God wants us to use them for his glory. Think about your special talents and abilities and the ways you could use them for God’s work in the world. A talent must be used and polished or it will tarnish.

    What does God want us to do with the abilities he gives?
    BIBLE READING: Luke 12:35-48
    KEY BIBLE VERSE: Anyone who is not aware that he is doing wrong will be punished only lightly. Much is required from those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater. (Luke 12:48, TLB)
    Have a proper attitude toward your abilities. Jesus told us how to live until he comes. We must watch for him and work diligently to obey his commands. Such attitudes are especially important for leaders. Watchful and faithful leaders will be given increased opportunities and responsibilities. The more resources, talent, and understanding we have, the more responsible we must be to use them effectively. We must not serve grudgingly, but willingly, lovingly, and with joy.
    BIBLE READING: Exodus 35:4-35
    KEY BIBLE VERSE: Come, all of you who are skilled craftsmen having special talents, and construct what God has commanded us. (Exodus 35:10, TLB)
    Develop your abilities. Moses asked people with various abilities to help with the tabernacle. God has gifted each believer with special abilities. We are responsible to develop these abilities—even the ones not considered “religious”—and to use them for God’s glory. We can become skilled through study, by watching others, and through practice. Take note of the skills and abilities you have that could be used to help others in your church, workplace, or community.

    What if you don’t think God has given you any special abilities?
    BIBLE READING: Luke 19:11-26
    KEY BIBLE VERSE: “Yes,” the king replied, “but it is always true that those who have, get more, and those who have little, soon lose even that.” (Luke 19:26, TLB)
    Everyone has special abilities. Why was the king so hard on this man who had not gained more money? He punished the man because (1) he didn’t share his master’s interest in the kingdom; (2) he didn’t trust his master’s intentions; and (3) his only loyalty was to himself. Like the king in this story, God has given you gifts to use for the benefit of his kingdom. Do you want the kingdom to grow? Do you trust God to govern it fairly? Are you as concerned for the welfare of others as for your own? If you can answer yes to these questions, you are faithfully using what he has entrusted to you.
    BIBLE READING: Deuteronomy 32:48-33:29
    KEY BIBLE VERSE: This is the blessing that Moses the man of God pronounced on the Israelites before his death. (Deuteronomy 33:1, NIV)
    Each person’s abilities can make a contribution. Note the different blessings God gave each tribe. To one he gave the best land, to another strength, to another safety. Too often we see someone with a particular gift and think that God must love that person more than others. Remember that God draws upon the unique talents of all his people. All these gifts are needed to complete his plan. Don’t be envious of the gifts others have. Instead, look for the gifts God has given you, and resolve to do the tasks he has uniquely qualified you to do.
    BIBLE READING: Acts 6:1-7
    KEY BIBLE VERSE: Now look around among yourselves, dear brothers, and select seven men, wise and full of the Holy Spirit, who are well thought of by everyone; and we will put them in charge of this business. (Acts 6:3, TLB)
    The needs you see are opportunities to use your abilities. As the early church increased in size, so did their needs. The apostles focused on preaching and chose others to organize the distribution of food to the poor. Each person has a necessary part to play in the life of the church (see 1 Corinthians 12). Often, the needs you notice are the very ones you can have a part in meeting. If you are in a position of leadership and find yourself overwhelmed by responsibilities, determine your God-given abilities and priorities and then find others to help. If you are not in leadership, you have gifts that can be used by God in various areas of the church’s ministry. Offer these gifts in service to him.
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