1. J

    Have a hard time believing and it terrifies me

    My mother growing up was an everyday Christian, church every Sunday, etc. that’s how I grew up. I was Christian for a time too. I grew up with restless nights of mind racing of thoughts of what comes after death and the thought of not existing after terrified me to where I would scream for my...
  2. Christsfreeservant

    Talk Talk Talk

    An Original Work / November 3, 2019 Talk, talk, talk – When you going to walk? Baby in a crib – All you do is fib. Idle talk you give. To Him you don’t live. Misinterpreting Him, So that you can sin. You know what is true. To Him, you know what’s due. Don’t pretend you don’t, Just because you...
  3. G

    If you reverse the cocoon, the butterfly does not become a caterpillar - DNA is unidimensional

    Hi there, So you would have to do some difficult work, genetically to prove this: but my contention is that the butterfly does not become a caterpillar if you reverse the cocoon. This is the no new information argument, in a specific context. In other words, the butterfly needs specific...
  4. Maxsteel

    Hi everyone,

    I came on here because i want to see if i could get some help if i can at least have a female i could talk with. I'm going to be 31 this year and my life hasnt been so ok, but, if i thought i could try to see if i could at least talk with female. I think it would really help. Thank you.
  5. JorB2

    Resources for a New Believer to find Support

    K am looking for other believers to feel supported. There aren't many believers where I live. I am just starting to be a practicing christian.
  6. Christsfreeservant

    Talk With Jesus

    An Original Work / June 10, 2018 In the stillness of the night I sit quietly, waiting, Listening to hear My Savior’s voice. In the quiet of the eve It is so peaceful, restful, Free from busyness And distractions. He speaks quietly to me, Gently guiding me, leading, Teaching me the way That I...
  7. -GodsGirl-

    Was this God?

    just had something weird happen to me. I was reading a lot about other people's struggle with their relationship with God and all of the sudden in my head it was like 'why do you always look for assurance in other people and what they're going through. Why don't you just come to me?' And it kind...