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small groups

  1. M

    Would welcome a review...

    ...of my book "House Church: A Survival Guide" :) It's in ebook form and can be read online or downloaded as a PDF or EPUB file from buildplant.org Thanks! Cheers, Mitch Tulloch (a.k.a. "Old Vineyard Guy")
  2. M

    Old Vineyard guy :-)

    Hello everyone, just joined the forum. Here's a bit about me: Met the Lord at university in the 70s as I was preparing to undertake graduate studies in Astrophysics. Needless to say He changed the direction of my life! Encountered the Vineyard movement in the early 80s and have been blessed...
  3. bèlla

    House Church Info.

    I've felt a growing desire to fellowship at home with other believers. I envision gatherings over nourishing meals where we share the word, study, and support one another. I won't call it a house church per se, but its been on my heart for two years now. I'd like to hear your stories. :) What...
  4. judson1982

    Is Sunday School still relevant in today's church?

    I am wondering, since "small groups" seem to be the status quo in more contemporary churches. I also find the concept of Sunday School to be more learning from a quarterly with rote activities and prayers--not challenging me to grow in the Lord. I also find such quarterlies to be full of...