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Why A Trauma Blog?

  1. I've been thinking about this for a while. As a survivor of childhood and adult Sexual Trauma who has struggled with recovering, trust issues, binge eating, dissociating, self-injury, depression & anxiety, PTSD, suicidal ideation/attempts, and the challenge of getting to know God as a loving God, I think this is a needed blog. Even if only 1 person feels someone else understands or gets it, then this blog is worth it.

    I've been through a few traumatic situations over the many years I've been alive. Most were intentional trauma caused by people for selfish and sick reasons, while the others were natural disasters and witnessing a traumatic event where I feared for someone's life, not just mine.

    Not only is my experience with trauma personal, but I've been able to support many survivors of trauma in their recovery as I'm a licensed mental health therapist specializing in trauma recovery. I founded and direct a nonprofit organization that supports survivors of trauma, and work with a lot of survivors of childhood abuse and sexual assault because of it. Through publications and facilitating support groups, I've been privileged to help and watch the progress of recovery in the lives of other trauma survivors. I've seen trauma consequences from both sides of the plate, so to speak.

    Most individuals who have experienced trauma are able to resolve their symptoms of the trauma within 4-6 weeks. A few of us go on to struggle, and some develop PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) which creates a lot of chaos in our lives. While trust issues, binge eating, dissociation, self-injury, depression & anxiety, suicidal ideation/attempts, and challenges in a relationship with God are not limited to trauma, there can be a significant correlation between these issues and trauma. This blog will focus on any of these issues or other issues in relationship to trauma, rather than outside of a traumatic event. Just because a person struggles with these things, doesn't mean they have experienced a traumatic event. There can be other reasons for these issues/struggles in an individual. While there is a correlation between the issues mentioned and trauma, they are not necessarily trauma related, and could be experienced for any number of reasons. PTSD, however, is a diagnosis that is directly linked to trauma.

    As you read through this blog, my hope is that you will become more aware of trauma, of some of the consequences and struggles because of trauma, and hope through the process of recovery for trauma and related issues/struggles.

    Please pray for individuals who have been traumatized in some manner and continue to struggle with the consequences of the trauma. Please pray for me as I continue to work with survivors of trauma go through a difficult time and needing support. I am blessed to be able to do this work. A special request for prayer on Sept. 22nd as I share about 5 minutes of hope for survivors of depression who are thinking about suicide.

    I hope you will find this blog educational and that you'll find the ability to relate to it in your own experience or the experience of someone you love or know. Thanks for reading!

    About Author

    A survivor of trauma, and founder of a nonprofit support program for survivors of trauma.
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