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By Norman70 · Oct 15, 2020 ·
  1. OK, as a person interested in the tenets of Christian Anarchism I want to write about what I have discerned, rightly or wrongly, about transubstantiation.
    Apparently it is more a philosophical term than a theological term, but the RC Church deliberately promotes this term as a theological reality, I think merely to convince believers that it happens. I cannot deny that for some individuals they experience it spiritually, but when I discuss the Eucharistic miracles in my next entry I will say that the scientific evidence does not confirm them, and since I know that science is a gift of God I cannot believe that transubstantiation is a reality in this world. God has given us many gifts for us to enjoy the world He created for us. Along with science we have technology, engineering, the arts and crafts, the list is endless. He gave us these gifts so that we could use them wisely and thereby draw closer to Him, therefore I believe that when science does not confirm the truth of a worldy event God is telling us that the event is not of His doing, but is the work of the devil.

    I enjoy a Holy Communion ritual, but that is all it is. The bread and the wine are merely symbolic, but joining in with other worshippers is the priority. My spiritual engagement with Jesus is at a personal level, which is why I am so impressed with Carlo's life.
    If I was a Roman Catholic I would insist that they relinquish their attempts at corrupting the masses just to further their own aggrandizement. All mainstream Christian religions must get back to the foundations of their faith, which is belief and acceptance of the teachings of Jesus.
    I think this is the real legacy of Carlo Acutis.


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