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This Is Really Just Adam's Life Flashing Before His Eyes.

  1. There was a guy who said life is a dream or so it seems, a dream within a dream. What I'm examining is a grasping at straws theology.

    So the basis of reality as we know it, is the dream Adam is currently having as he passes away.

    Since this sounds pretty far fetched, I guess it could be like poetry if you cannot believe it.

    So during the ages of humanity, the voice of God is heard through the dream speaking to Adam. One that really speaks to me is "Absolom, my son, my son, if only I had died instead of you"

    Generally since Adam will die eventually, we will all cease to exist also.

    This is why Jesus, the last Adam was sent, so we could be "saved" by living in an incorruptible body as part of God's dream.

    Currently, because our bodies of this reality construct are connected to decaying Adam, this is why there is connectivity between people, with elements of decay.

    So when people say "I am God" and "everyone is me" as is common in the new age movement today, this is the connectivity of Adam, who was made to be like and look like God.

    However, since Adam died the day he sinned, using the body this way is kind of akin to necromancy.

    How this applies to my reality, is I perceive something of this nature, interacting with me all day every day.

    Anyway those were just some thoughts. Hope you have some good days, I'll continue living in questions, since such things could never be a logical conclusion ... but it may be the way it actually is ... who can truly say?


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