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So You Wasted Your Time Debating X Topic ... And Didn't Proclaim The Good News As A Result ....

  1. This thread is to bring attention to common topics Christians tend to get addicted to debating, but in doing so are tricked into not proclaiming the good news ...

    The debate of various topics, and the research of various topics to debate further, dominate the media coverage of Christians .. so that the good news is not covered.

    For example:

    People are not born again, nor do they come to faith when they lose an argument regarding:
    LGBT issues
    Evolution vs Creationism
    Climate Change
    Going to hell

    It kind of just makes them more resistant to speak with you, and not even for the sake of the good news.

    It is important to note that Moralism cannot replace the actual good news of a spiritually transformed life.. so these debates are ultimately meaningless.

    Suggestion for application: Much like in the first chapter of acts when Jesus rebuked the apostles for asking about when the nation of Israel will be restored He said to proclaim the good news to the whole world with the Holy Spirit given to them.

    Suggested discussion topic: Is it really a waste of time to discuss debate and research the above mentioned subjects?


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  1. Mark Dohle
    We are to plant seeds. We do that by how we share our faith, as well as how we look at those we speak to. I do believe that one aspect of our faith that is often forgotten, is the Lord's injunction not to judge others, only God can judge the soul.

    Good OP
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  2. Calminian
    Actually, regarding Creationism, that is the foundation of the good news. The creation account contains the bad news that made the good news necessary. Evolution and millions of years undermine the account of the bad news, especially millions of years. Paul started with Creation and bad news at Mars Hill, interestingly, and didn't get to the gospel until later.

    Here's an article you might want to consider:
    Should Churches Avoid Genesis and Revelation?
    Many believe we should based on your argument above. They, like you, are wrong about this.

    Also keep in mind, many are not ready for the Gospel. Some are and God will reap that harvest, but others are not. You need to observe where people are at and whether or not you have an open door to discuss spiritual things. You don't just force the Gospel into every conversation. Paul never did that.

    The Gospel is our goal, but we need to use wisdom and discernment regarding the timing. There's nothing wrong with discussing other topics and trying to save lives in the meantime, especially of those who have no voice of their own.

    Hope that helps.
    1. Michael Collum
      I think I get what you're saying. I find so many things have become distractions so it's not about Jesus, but the church's wisdom and knowledge of the bible.

      Perhaps a more balanced approach is possible in the future.
    2. Michael Collum
      In terms of creationism, (God created the world) people can only believe that through faith anyway.
    3. Calminian
      Yes, Creationism will be believed by faith, just like the Gospel. Does that mean we don't proclaim it? God forbid! The entire Bible (Old and New Testaments) is about Christ and should be proclaimed. The Gospel rests on the creation and the fall. You may want to pick up Ken Ham's new book, Gospel Reset. Very eye-opening.
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