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The New Ad Thing Going On.

  1. It's kind of making the site so slow that the browser freezes. I had to stop a background program that was a "consent UI for administrative" something or other. I think the site is hacked ... so I'll probably come back later when it's not trying to hijack my computer.

    God bless.
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  1. John Goodness
    Somehow, I didn't encounter this and I was connected whole day yesterday. I use CHROME app on my Android phone.
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  2. musicalpilgrim
    I opened the site in Chrome and it is working perfectly!
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  3. Michael Collum
    Okay problem solved, I Adblocked the domain name cloudfront.net and it works like before.
    1. Apologetic_Warrior
      Thank you for this.
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    2. RC1970
      Yes, I did the same thing. It's good the ad blockers let you add filters.
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  4. musicalpilgrim
    yes, I am a supporter and ads keep appearing, something very strange is going on....I hope it is sorted soon. Maybe the site owners have gone on holiday...ha ha
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    1. Michael Collum