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The Genetics Of Scripture.

  1. Due to a non-sequitur correlation between the bible being the word of God and Jesus being the Word of God in the past I began a study of the genetics of scripture ... kind of like looking into what makes scripture, scripture.

    due to my zealousness without knowledge at the time I continued to attack my body with the word of God, not knowing that the law or any concept of law magnifies sin, including the sin living in my body. So though my flesh hates everything to do with God, scripture was burned into it forcibly through prayer using scripture anyway. I think my body tried to kill me a number of times after this, but it may be a coincidence.

    Fast forward not quite a decade, I've learned how to write scripture into my subconscious in a way that resembles church and the holy presence there ... but have also uncovered the language to place the voice of God in the centre ... it kind of gives me a jolt and is warm and compassionate as well ... Guess I'll see what comes of this in the new year.

    Jesus Eternal Speak in everything.


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  1. Daniel Marsh
    I am curious how this is different from what LDS, Mormons claim about burning in the Bosom?
    1. Michael Collum
      No Idea, not familiar with the idea. Most of what I am experiencing now came as a result of graduating from bapticostalism.
  2. Michael Collum