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Second Week

By David4223, Jan 13, 2018 | |
  1. Things are still moving forward.

    There have been some hiccups this past week though. Not with anything in my current relationship or with my current goals.

    I was notified on Thursday from Child Protective Services that there had been a report filed against my ex dealing with my two children. I'm working to set up a meeting to get more details on the report and to figure out what is going on. I also learned that the person she is now living with (and who my kids are living with now) was arrested in September 2017 for child endangerment. My mom was actually the one to discover that little detail. Suffice to say that was a lot to take in all at once.

    My finacee and I were planning to work on our relationship before we went after full custody of my two kids. However, these little details have changed our plans. I have a meeting with a different lawyer on Monday, as we both feel that my current lawyer is not doing enough -- and seems to keep dragging his feet on everything.

    Enough about the negative things.

    I am continually doing the devotional each day -- twice a day. Looking to add more into this so I can get more out. I think I'm going to get some Christian books and start reading them during my lunch break at work. Small steps to get my feet moving in the right direction.

    For the other goal -- I've been doing my 30 day workout plan each and every day. I just need to pick up my steps during the other times. I find that I just sit at my desk at work. I need to get up more and walk around to get some more steps in.

    This week was an up and down week -- especially in learning the details about where my kids are currently living. I think that I've dealt with it quite well. It's hard -- I'm trying to remember Ephesians 4:29, but sometimes I just want to say something.

    Hopefully after my meeting on Monday with the new lawyer things will be more in perspective.
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