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Second Thoughts About My Blog Entries.

By Norman70 · Aug 5, 2020 · ·
  1. I do not want to abandon my suggestion that my entries will be about my life experiences. But especially concerning my teaching career, I have realised that they could become very personal and I might therefore be identified by long-ago colleagues, if they are still alive.
    Late in 2018 I was in hospital for several weeks and lay in bed thinking what to do with my time. I wrote seven essays, entitling them "Letters from Hospital" and I will blog them all if a few readers show interest.
    I was inspired to do this by reading the Seventh Day Adventist Quarterly entitled "Oneness In Christ", and it caused me to elaborate some of my ideas on Christian anarchism. Some family members suggested that I ought to try to get them published, but when I did circulate them via email their interest, not surprisingly with them all being mainstream Christians mostly SDA, evaporated.
    This has to be my experiment in this blog. Just how much interest am I going to create here!? There is some proselytising in them, but that can be excusably ignored if preferred. As I mentioned in my introduction for this blog, there are threads on Christian anarchism already here on CF in the forums for discussing its tenets.


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  1. Truly1999
    I have similar concerns when writing my blog here or sharing my story elsewhere publicly on the internet. The solution for me is to use MS Word to write my Narrative in full offline alongside my online writings. In this way, I can organise my thoughts and process my feelings and I can pray to God with an open heart and receive healing. My private narrative might always be private and my public internet writings might always be self-censored. Either way, there's still loads to write!
    1. Norman70
      Many thanks for your continued interest and support. Many years ago I used to keep a daily diary but abandoned it thinking who is going to read it - I was never going to become famous! I enjoy writing, and its nice if some people read what I write. Keep blogging they say, you never know where it might lead.