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Proselytising Is Not Good.

By Norman70 · Jul 28, 2020 · ·
  1. As I understand and have experienced, all mainstream Christian denominations, sects and cults proselytise, that is the ministers preach, the Church literature proliferates, attendance at services is a given, and the music and the architecture give glory to God. Last but not least, the Bible admonishes us all to spread the Word.
    But the Word of God is Jesus, who is God (none of this Son of God nonsence, although I am a trinitarian) therefore it does not make sense to me that all of the paraphernalia I have just listed necessarily brings us closer to God. Any of them may help, but they are all manifestations arising in this world which is controlled by the devil and although I can enjoy some of what they present, I am forever wary of what the devil is up to.
    Spreading the Word of God is a spiritual enterprise, not of this world. As Leo Tolstoy entitled his book "The Kingdom of God is Within You" so perceptively, and thus we move into Christian Anarchism, which cannot be categorised as a denomination, sect or cult.


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  1. Truly1999
    I agree with you that all mainstream Christian denominations, sects and cults proselytise. It took me ages to work it out. We are told in the New Testament that we should not add to the Gospel, and yet so many books have been written by Christians which, in my opinion, in many cases, distracts people from reading the Bible. Each organisation has to develop its own Narrative and operates as if it is the only correct representation of Church, although each denies it.

    People accuse me of wanting the "perfect Church" when I criticise certain aspects of a church. Unlike many who follow a pastor blindly, I will walk and keep going from church to church - denomination to denomination and I probably will until I reach the Gates of Heaven. I fail to understand why some churches do not merge. Christian growth in the UK is amongst "neo-charismatic" churches. Massive decline is happening amongst the Church of England, Methodist churches, and Baptist churches. New church congregations often do not have permanent buildings of their own, but the Church of England and Methodist church would rather see their empty church buildings close - in their hundreds, if not thousands - than to give them away for free or hugely reduced price to these new congregations, and all because of Religion and Ideology. It makes no sense and it does not serve the Kingdom of God, and gives a poor impression of Jesus to a dying world.

    At the moment, I am exploring the Vineyard denomination.