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I Need God Anyway

  1. "Religion is an opiate for the masses".
    I often think about that saying or cliché I guess it has become.
    And the other one:
    "God didn't create man. Man created God."
    I'll be the first to admit that I need God to exist. Without Him ,this life seems meaningless. And lonely too.
    I used to put my faith in other people. And even the ones who seemed perfect were disappointing. People can only point the way. They are not God.
    Anyway getting back to opium.:) I try to imagine a life without religion, without Christianity in particular. Imagine a completely secular world. How dry. How superficial. How cynical. How isolating. We need God to exist and He does anyway. As those meditators and fasters discovered, the "kingdom of God is within". Our daily thoughts that just focus on survival in this world are not enough to satisfy. There is something deep within that needs more. Much more. That's why we have to discover it and then nurture it. Keep it alive. Our deep yearning is not a problem. It is THE problem. We must address it in order to find the key to true happiness.
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  1. Greg Merrill
    The police do not always see all the evidence lying around the crime scene, especially if they are not properly trained to see it. People today may look around and say "I don't see any evidence of God." Others may correctly say "There is evidence of God all around us." There is a lot of DNA in each of the cells of our bodies. See that DNA properly and you will see evidence of God. The fantastic order of our planet, let alone the universe, gives great evidence of intelligent design, design that came from God. The miraculous existence of the present nation of Israel is evidence of God to me. The lack of true contradiction in the Bible, written by over 40 different men over a period of over 1,500 years is evidence that God was behind that. There is plenty of evidence to me of the existence of the God of the Bible. Just because others do not see it doesn't change that it is true.
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  2. ImAllLikeOkWaitWat
    The problem with a world without God is what do you tell someone when they are dying? It's all going to be okay you will cease to exist? Now I will admit that ceasing to exist is an existence that can be preferable to some of the horrible lives some people unfortunately were born into or are currently living, but even those lives are better off having existed because they at least have the possiblity of an eternal life free from pain and suffering. But in a world without God there is no hope. No reason to not just end it all already because no matter what you do, no matter how good your life is or how good you are, your fate is the same as the worst life, the worst person. And there is nothing that can cripple ones spirit more than knowing and living in that reality.
    1. bettercallpaul
      there would be far more suicides.