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God As The Faithful Lover

  1. Some powerful language in the Book of Hosea I must say. Like the wooing of a male courting his female bride to be.
    "I will win her back with words of love."
    "I will be true and steadfast"
    I will make you mine forever"
    "I will keep my promise and make you mine"
    But because its God, we know He is utterly sincere and it will last.
    That's the difference. If I was reading a novel or watching a movie about a main character, I might suspect, that their words of love may not last. That their feelings will waver later on. That when tested, a human being may change their heart and mind. Look at all the divorces in the world. Not that I'm suggesting anyone should stay married to an abusive partner.
    Reading the Book of Hosea makes me look at my own marriage. How faithful have I been in thought and word? And how awesome it is when a woman/wife is totally cherished by their husband. If only we could love like God does! :)


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  1. Tolworth John
    Hosea is a picture of the love God has for us the unfaithfull wife.
    The call to love my wife as Jesus loved his church is not just challenging but without God's help impossible.
    1. bettercallpaul
      so we are all like gomer? how deflating. :)
  2. Bluerose31
    Hosea is one of my favorite books. It is very beautiful to me. I love how God is very passionate toward us, like a lover. I love the verses in Hosea. Thank you for sharing.
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