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By Ringo84, Apr 13, 2019 | | |
  1. Muslims are not my enemy.

    Immigrants - regardless of their nationality - are not my enemy.

    Asian, African-American, Native American, Jewish, etc people are not my enemy.

    The true enemy are those who walk among us who wish to destroy our country, its institutions, and the values on which it was founded (one of which was caring for immigrants who come here seeking a better life) from within.

    The enemies of America are people who think that the maintenance of their personal power and the electoral advantage of their political party are more important than the well-being of their country. For three years we have been living under such an unamerican regime. I hope we have the wisdom to vote them out of power next year, because there may not be much of a country left if we don't.
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  1. Mark Dohle
    We do live in very interesting times. Not sure any party is any good anymore.
    I agree, this country was founded on immigrants. We need better vetting procedures, since danger is also higher at this time

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