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Jul 31, 2006
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A Cylon Basestar
Obama's Separation of Church and State Czar


Separation of Church and State expert, Male, from A Cylon Basestar

Pray for peace, people everywhere. Nov 3, 2017

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    A Cylon Basestar
    Obama's Separation of Church and State Czar
    United States
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    A 34 year old Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Baptist who is passionate about the separation of church and state, and keeping the government out of religious affairs altogether.

    I do not believe in inerrancy. I believe that some of the Bible is literal history, but a lot more of it is poetry and allegory. What matters is not whether every period and comma is absolute literal history, but whether the moral lessons found within are true and worthy ways of living our lives (they are).

    I have serious problems with the doctrine of hell. I find it extremely awkward to talk about an infinitely forgiving God who loves us so much, but will punish us for a finite (limited) period of unbelief (i.e: a lifetime) by allowing us to suffer eternal punishment.

    I am ecumenical. Except for some theological differences (some important, most not), I don't see much of a difference between Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, etc. If you worship the Christian God and follow the Bible, then you're a part of the same "family" as I am.

    I have no issue with LGBT+. Live and let live. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". It is not my way, but I am neither afraid of it nor am I ready to condemn that which I don't understand.

    If you asked me to summarize the message of Christianity, I would say this: love God, love man. The rest is commentary.

    I welcome your questions, comments, and even criticism. I do not, however, welcome to people trying to "save" me for my "disbelief". I try to respect everyone's beliefs on here as long as they are respectful. Please show me the same courtesy.


    "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention"
    -- Heather Heyer (5/29/85 - 8/12/17)
    R.I.P. Gone, but definitely not forgotten
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