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  1. Well, the guy I liked online isn't texting back... I'm just a bit down. I feel deep down it wouldn't work because we are on 2 different wave lengths...

    And probably 2 different people, but it still would have been nice to meet him.

    But after this, no more dating not even online dating..until I feel where I'm supposed to be where I think I actually have a shot at keeping a guy...

    They're easy to attract, keeping is something else.

    I just feel like I won't have a chance to be in love and its depressing...

    I'm gonna eat ice cream now.

    We'll see what happens tommorow.


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  1. EdyChristian28
    it starts with being friends. something that is lost on this generation. the idea of superficial romance was sold to us and now its a joke. Its a joke right? um Whatever happened to going steady.

    If someone asked you if you want to go steady. what would that mean to you.

    most women would think that's a really good pick up line.

    careful with the ice cream it is a good alternative to the opposite sex apparently.
  2. welshman
    I'll pray for you. What stood out for me was when you talked about trying to keep someone. It sounds as if you are someone who tries really hard to please someone and when they don't reciprocate the same actions, attention etc. that causes you to feel worthless. Maybe I have guessed wrongly? All I do know for sure is God has a plan and if you seek Him with all your heart, His plan is far better than our own "dreams".
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    1. Far Side Of the Moon
  3. Gracia Singh
    On-line dating can be a snare. You can feel as though you really, really know and have connected with someone, and when you arrange a meeting, they're borderline-predatory, and creepy, in ways that you were not picking up on or able to detect in writing. It's a bad idea.

    I'm not saying that God never or doesn't use the internet to bring folks together, but if you're struggling with depression and emotional upheavel, seeking to pursuit a relationship on-line may not be a good idea.
  4. Galatea
    He might have been busy at work.
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    2. Far Side Of the Moon
      Yeah I'm not gonna meet him with his friend I want to meet him one on one. And in daylight.
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    3. Galatea
      That's really best- I mean I am not trying to scare you and make you think all men are rapey, but why does he need a friend on a date?
      I think a good rule of thumb of talking to guys online is that he comes to visit you first. That way, you are on your own turf. You meet him at a restaurant that you know well, that kind of thing. Besides, if he is really into you, he'll want to come see you.
    4. Far Side Of the Moon
      You're right galatea, he should come on my turf. Thanks for looking out for me. :)
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  5. MustardSeeed
    Cheer up :)
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