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Adam And Eve, Christ And Israel.

By hid in him · Dec 23, 2018 ·
  1. I don’t know how coherent this will be but it hit me like a lightbulb this afternoon and I wanted to note it down. I might try and edit it in the future really just for me but others might need it.

    How in Genesis God made Adam outside of the garden and brought him into it. And How without God we our on the outside of his purpose till He comes to us and brings us into His purpose.
    How God made Eve out of Adam and brought her to him, same bones and flesh but separate entities that through a mystery become one flesh in marriage. And the Jews being His chosen people and yet His grace reaches to Gentiles today, Israel the Bride, Gentiles the Body of Christ, two entities becoming one through Christ in a mystery. The first Adam failed the second Adam succeeded, at this point I think Eve is shadow of Israel.

    That the garden had flowing water and fruit trees but from disobedience humanity was blocked from there with a promise of reentrance and how the New Jerusalem will have flowing water and fruit trees and all who are His can experience it.

    Another thought that believing Gentiles who through faith by grace not works are loved before they know it, are redeemed, adopted, justified, sanctified and sealed to eternal life where no power can take us away from our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus, that it makes sense that we aren’t the sheep in Revelation who need to eat from the tree of Life to gain eternal life because Our Lord has already given it to us in Him and that the sheep in Revelation and throughout Scripture is Israel and because they need to eat the fruit there is a risk of rejecting Him and hell fire but not for believing sealed Gentiles who already have eternal life in Him as the Body of Christ.

    Phew. Amazing,
    Thanks for the image Stone n Steel.
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