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Abandoning Obsolete Anarchist Behavior.

By Norman70 · Feb 21, 2021 ·
  1. I am in trouble! Recently on a teachers' website I wrote something from my old anarchistic days which caused me to get banned but it has highlighted my interest in and concern for Christian Anarchism. Unfortunately I am not able to discuss the serious misunderstanding for which I was responsible with the website moderators, therefore I am coming here to share my views with any readers of my blog, and perhaps a poster on the teachers' website might also be a reader here. I will not go into the details of the nonsense I wrote in a post there as I do not want to broadcast my folly, but I wrote about something I did in 1970 without stating clearly that I would not do the same thing now.
    Here in my blog I want to say how I believe I have changed since 1970, which is coupled very strongly with my spiritual development, my becoming a fully committed Christian in an anarchist way, and the more worldly knowledge I have gained by observing the effects of the wrong-doing of one person to another. Just to give a small detail about the contents of the thread on the teachers' website, we were discussing forgiveness and justice, I said that as an anarchist I would forgive anything and everybody, no matter what crime they had committed. and would not report their wrong-doing to the authorities. In the context of historical abuse, I cited the Holocaust, and whether or not we should still be attempting to wreak revenge on the remaining perpetrators, one of whom recently was 100 years old. What I did not do in 1970 was to report a serious crime, or at least, in a Christian way, confront the perpetrators. Now that I am a Christian, and attempting to find and read in the Bible the many texts which say that God does not want His children to have earthly rulers but should only have Himself as their Ruler, I abide by God's Laws and when one person does wrong to another I must at least respond to that person.
    It may be that I will take the advice of one poster that at my age I should give up politics and religion, and just pray, fast, listen to music and watch a little spiritually uplifting movies and even a little sport.


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