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A new beginning - 26th Nov. 2007

**I know this all has been posted already, but I want to keep my blog in the one spot, so am copying it over to the new forum.**

It seems that every time I start to write a blog it always ends up being filled with the negative and things that go wrong. I know that it is not always a bad thing to discuss those feelings and issues but for me, continuing to write about them and read over them just brings back the memories and flashbacks and makes me depressed all over again. We need the positive as well to help get back up and keep going.

This is something I have really noticed the last few days. Last week was rough and dwelling on it made things worse, but spending the weekend with a good friend and doing positive and fun things slowed the negative thoughts and problems and actually gave peace. An article I was reading over earlier today confirmed this.

The suggestion was to find a quote or bible verse every day, or a random feeling/song/idea/thought and even if negative try to find something good or a meaning from it and then write about it. Something encouraging to look at when things get rough and a way to find something good even out of a bad situation. That is what I am hoping to do here and hopefully it will be useful to someone else as well. That is, if I actually keep doing this :doh: I never seem to have the time to sit and write for myself lately.

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