sheltered life - 31st Dec. 2007

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity ~ 1 Timothy 4:12​

Often people are quick to judge a person on their age both on the forums and in real life. If you are not an adult then you can't understand the things in the world or hold responsibilities. I have been told this quite a lot lately, in relation to moderating and also when I commented on a real life issue I had witnessed. Some fail to realise that while there are teenagers who are quite immature and can not handle responsibility the majority are responsible. They can take on responsibilities, and also know their limits. Most know if we are getting in over our heads and most other teens I know accept that and get help.

There is also the idea that teenagers need to be protected from the issues of the world, but the thing is, these issues with controversial topics, terrorism, abuse, SI etc. they do affect us too and we do see what is happening in the world. Yes, it isn't always pretty but it is something we do hear about every day either through friends or on TV or in some cases are actually dealing with it in our own families.

We need to be able to discuss these things with the people around us, including those who are older and wiser, not be told 'not to worry' and that 'we wouldn't understand'. Even though it would be nice and I am sure most parents would like for it to happen, we are not kept in little bubbles. We are not safe from hearing about the latest terrorist attacks and last people killed in wars or the people who are affected by abuse and other issues within their families. Shutting us off and not letting us know or talk is just going to frighten them more. Now, I am not trying to say that young children need to be told every detail of the horrible things that can happen in the world but don't completely shut out the older children and teenagers. It is wonderful that people want to protect them but what exactly are we being protected from?

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