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your opinion...

Discussion in 'Secular Music' started by TwilightSol, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. TwilightSol

    TwilightSol Member

    Who are your (or who you think is the best) bands you've heard or seen? I personally (don't say anything) like Linkin Park, Five Finger Death Punch, and System of a Down (most likely not spelling these names right :sorry: ). There are some more but the radio guy won't tell me... grrr. Tell me what your favorite songs are by that group who plays insterments ... a band!! ok sorry once schools out I lose my mind. Oh well ... feel free to post!! (WARNING: any foul thoughts about any ones opinion is not allowed here. This thread is just for you to state which bands/songs you like. :wave:)
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  2. pwsoldier

    pwsoldier unapologetic freethinker

    My favorite band is Bad Religion, hands-down. My favorite song of theirs is Generator because it's so catchy. As far as live shows go, my favorite is a tie between Flogging Molly and NOFX. Flogging Molly shows are absolutely insane, but I had to include NOFX in there as well due to the simple fact that they played "The Decline", in it's entirety, when I saw them live a few years ago.
  3. Trashionista

    Trashionista Well-Known Member

    On pure performance, The Spice Girls, Madonna, Cher and KISS all had/have amazing live shows. It's all camp but its entertaining. The musicians themselves may not have been the most purely talented at singing or playing their instruments, but as far as enjoyment, they were all up there.

    The best, most purely talented live... Tom Jones and Rod Stewart both sounded amazing live.
  4. white dove

    white dove (she's a) maniac

    Other Religion
    Radio guy? Did you try going to the stations' website to get their recent playlist? Some stations even keep them for a few days. :)

    Five Finger Death Punch is probably the best name I've ever heard.

    System doesn't need me condoning, promoting or honing on them. Pure talent. Amazing stage show. I love them, but whateh.

    Linkin Park - Many might talk crap about that band, but their live show was one of the most memorable/amazing shows of my entire life.

    And I'm near-30. :preach:
  5. SparkyMaddie

    SparkyMaddie Luceat Lux Vestra

    In Relationship
    I love John Mayer and his band. He is excellant live.
  6. NiobiumTragedy

    NiobiumTragedy Glorious Tragedy

    Honestly, Taylor Swift has one of the best shows I've seen. I don't care much for her music, but her show is entertaining. I have a feeling Lady GaGa will be up there as well for great shows to watch.

    KISS does a good show, but it gets old. Nothing ever changes on their tour.