Yin/Yang, A christian view, truth, and what it means.


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Oct 6, 2013
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Ok so everyone knows the Yin/Yang, not everyone knows about it. It is a Taoist symbol of the universe and How it works. The Yin/Yang states that Good and evil are always at war. This is why there is a white dot in the black part and a black dot in the white part. The Dots symbolize good trying to conquer evil and evil trying to conquer Good. The white part of the yin/yang is Yang, good, positive, male. The Black is yin evil, negative, female. The white part is bigger at one point and then the the black yin starts, and same with balck yin then yang starts. This states that when ever yang is at it greatest it gives way to yin and when yin is at its greatest it gives way to yang. Everything to the Chinese has meaning. The different color yin/yang such as the Buddhist blue and pink means peace. The red and black means war.

So what does all this mean? The Taoist misunderstood the black and white yin/yang but it is true. The yin yang reflects this world, not Heaven where God's will is done. The Yin/Yang is inside people not male and female. What i mean to the point is the yin/ yang is what Happens to people when they are saved. They then have the yin/ yang going on inside them. What i mean is the sinful nature is still there, yin, but now is a spiritual nature from God yang. the two struggle to conquer each other for the persons life. Jesus said take up you cross daily and deny your self. Jesus was speaking of our need to put to death, nail to the cross, our sinful nature daily. It is why good people do bad things some times, the two natures are at war with each other. Paul spoke of this in Rom.

So there is the yin/ yang and how it relates to Christians. There is something to be said for listening to people speak about their beliefs because there in you find how to reach them.