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Work 10 min devotion ideas.

Discussion in 'Non-denominational' started by nk_fan, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. nk_fan

    nk_fan New Member

    Hi There,

    I work in a Christian school and our boss is asking each staff member to be in charge of devotions each week. We can do anything, read, do an activity, show a video, etc. It needs to roughly be 10 min long.

    My problem is I do not do well talking in front of colleagues especially leading a devotion in front of them. I get extremely nervous especially when I pray out loud. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone have any ideas. I would love to show a video but I am trying to find a short inspiring education related video so I don't have to talk.

    Any ideas...it can be videos...activities involving reflection, mediation and self prayer. Most of us are teachers or work directly with children. Therefore, any neat ideas would be very helpful. I know it's weird I can talk in front of 30 students but not in front of adults/colleagues.

  2. EyesOnZion

    EyesOnZion Guest

    I know Christianity Today has about a million videos that would be inspiring and spark a discussion (if they're under 10 minutes). Only problem is they're a little on the expensive side.

    I would recommend trying to talk in front of your co-workers. Admit your nervousness, and given the context, I'm sure you'd get a lot of encouragement. Learning to talk in front of adults is an important ability, even if you typically work with kids.
  3. BeagleMomSC

    BeagleMomSC Newbie

    In Relationship
    maybe for you what would be best is to pick out different passages and read them, that way you don't have to "think" of something.. then as you do it more and more, you may get more creative and find other media to use? Maybe even find a good devotional book that you could read, so you aren't always quoting scriptures. You never know, this may be God's way of getting you out of your shell! I used to HATE talking in public, but after 4 years of college and Grad school where they FORCE you into presentations, it comes alot easier now. Good luck!
  4. NatalieJan777

    NatalieJan777 Humbled before GOD

    In Relationship
    This is not a video, but perhaps a 10 min. audio tape of nature sounds (Peacefull ones, like the rainfall, the waves of the ocean, the birds in the forest, the wind in the tree's etc...) Along with a 10 minute silent/private prayer time.

    This will take the stress off of you from presenting, although I will tell you that the more you stand and speak before an audience the more you become comfortable with it. If you keep avoiding it, you will never grow in it. Anyway, this audio is a good 'devotional' technique with the silent prayer which will benifit all in attendance.