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why reproduce?

Discussion in 'Questions by Non-Christians (Archived)' started by xr022kbKr02h, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. xr022kbKr02h

    xr022kbKr02h ...haiz...

    Other Religion
    a simple question...why do God one us to reproduce? what will happen if humanity decide against reproducing?
  2. klewlis

    klewlis cur tu me vexas?

    a simple answer: he is a Creator God who loves being in relationship with his people. He loves new creation and reproduction for the same reasons that he created thousands of different kinds of flowers and millions of species of animals, not to mention stars, atoms, and clouds. He loves variety and takes great delight in his creation.

    Humanity will never decide against reproducing... we love sex too much. ;)
  3. Hitokiri Shadow

    Hitokiri Shadow Well-Known Member

    Humanity may never decide to stop having sex, but many individuals may decide to stop reproducing. Abortion and surgery, such as a vascectomy (if that's what I think it is), make sex without reproduction easy.
  4. mrslinky

    mrslinky Regular Member

    Such an occurrence is totally illogical! Sex and reproduction will continue. Hopefully, I'll be a part of it but it does'nt look good right now. Im pathetically single and get turned down for dates weekly.
  5. AsburyJuke

    AsburyJuke Member

    Look at any woman cooing over a strangers baby and it soon becomes clear that reproduction will never end. Women will NEVER decide to stop reproducing thanks to our maternal urges. :)
  6. BarbB

    BarbB I stand with my brothers and sisters in Israel!

    But what about mrslinky? We've got to find him a girl! :clap:
  7. Tenorvoice

    Tenorvoice Give me Liberty ...Or a pie in the face

    In Relationship
    reproduction was the Frist commandment give by God to the human race. and plus i agree that the human race covets sex too much and will never stop without being castrated or something like it. and what you are decribing is already happening today in society it is callled: serial monogomy jumpin from one parter to another without any care in the world for the consequenses.
  8. Blazin4Christ

    Blazin4Christ Glory to God, and God alone.

    In Relationship
    God wants us to for our(Christian) seeds should be spread through the world, he gave sex for 3 basic reasons

    #1, for a bonding or binding relationship with your wife/husband
    #2, pleasure (yes, pleasure)
    #3, for procreation, or to have children,

    it is a Command for a CHristian not to do so, but a non-Christian it doesn't
  9. xr022kbKr02h

    xr022kbKr02h ...haiz...

    Other Religion
    does this means that every Christian MUST reproduce?
  10. Rafael

    Rafael Only time enough for love

    No it doesn't. Common sense tells us that nobody has to twist the arm of mankind to reproduce. The apostle Paul, in the New Testament encouraged people to abstain from marrying so that they could work harder for God and devote their lives to Him entirely, but if they could not contain their passions, they were to marry before having sexual relations.
    Marriage and child rearing teaches us much about commitment, responsibility, and most of all - love.