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Who Do You Thank God For?

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Mark Corbett, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Mark Corbett

    Mark Corbett Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States

    This Thanksgiving take some time to follow the inspired example of the Apostle Paul and thank God for other Christians you know.

    I found 14 Bible passages where Paul is giving thanks for other Christians. Here they are.
    Acts 28:15
    Romans 1:8
    Romans 6:17
    1 Corinthians 1:4
    Ephesians 1:15-16
    Philippians 1:3
    Colossians 1:3-4
    1 Thessalonians 1:2-3
    1 Thessalonians 2:13
    1 Thessalonians 3:9
    2 Thessalonians 1:3
    2 Thessalonians 2:13
    2 Timothy 1:3
    Philemon 1:4-5

    Paul gives thanks to God for other Christians for many reasons, including:
    encouragement he receives from them
    their faith serving as a testimony to God’s good work
    their freedom from sin and obedience to God
    their love
    their partnership in the gospel, which included supporting Paul
    their hard work, labor, and endurance for the cause of Christ
    . . . and more

    Paul gave thanks for specific Christians, for Christians in churches he helped to start or helped to grow, and he even gave thanks for Christians whom he had not personally met but only heard about.

    In general, we thank God for other Christians because every new Christian is evidence that God’s great plan is succeeding. We thank God for every Christian who is growing in their faith because we see evidence of the Holy Spirit at work. We thank God for every believer because they are a source of light and love in this world.

    I want to follow Paul’s example and give thanks for other Christians. I hope my example here will encourage you to thank God for other Christians you know and hear about.

    * I thank God for my parents and the Christians at Montrose Baptist Church who helped lead me to the Lord when I was a child.

    * I thank God for Pastor Jim Schneider and the huge way God used him in my life during the time God was preparing Hope and I to serve Him overseas. I also thank God for the other dear brothers and sisters in Christ at Pleasant Valley who blessed Hope and I in so many ways and helped us to grow.

    * I thank God for David Finell, Bill Jones, and other professors at CIU who helped train, equip, and prepare Hope and me for service among an unreached people group.

    * I thank God for our dear Indonesian brothers and sisters in Christ whom we love so much. I thank God for their courage, strength, and faith as they serve our Lord and spread His truth in a difficult setting.

    * I thank God for those who served alongside us in Indonesia. I thank God for a couple now living on the West Coast who were a source of constant encouragement to us and many others through all sorts of difficulties. I thank God for another couple whose many years of service in Southeast Asia and perseverance through many trials has been an inspiration to myself and many others.

    * I thank God for all those Christians who gave some of their own money to help support Hope and I and the work we are called to, both during our years overseas and at the two churches we have served in since returning.

    * I thank God for some faithful believers who stood with me through a very painful and difficult time at my previous church, and especially for one brother in Christ who helps many people in many ways (he recently helped fix a small hole in the roof of our house after the last big storm, and I have seen him helping many people in similar ways).

    * I thank God for the very supportive members of Severn Baptist Church. I thank God for the way they use their many gifts to serve both in and outside the church. I thank God for the “Women of Faith” who are such an outstanding example of Christian love for one another.

    * I thank God that He has blessed me with a brother who is a brother and two sisters who are sisters. Karen, Kim, and Craig are constant sources of encouragement and blessing in my life.

    * And of course I thank God for Hope and Joy! Being blessed with such a wonderful, godly, beautiful, wife and daughter is a gift so valuable that I know it can only be a result of God’s amazing grace!

    The only downside to sharing my thanks to God for other Christians in a list like the one above is that I cannot possibly include everyone I am thankful for.


    I have learned to follow Paul’s pattern. There is nothing at all wrong with thanking other people directly when they help or bless us. But there is something even better: thanking God for other people and telling them that we thank God for them. When we thank God for other people, and let them know we thank God for them, they are encouraged and God is glorified.

    Who are you thankful for?

    Happy Thanksgiving! (This week and throughout the year.)

    This is a slightly modified version of a post on my blog.
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  2. Lucian Hodoboc

    Lucian Hodoboc Active Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    This is the most beautiful message I've read today. Thank you for posting it.
  3. Mark Corbett

    Mark Corbett Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    And I thank God for your encouraging words!
  4. DarkSoul999

    DarkSoul999 Active Member

    United States
    I am very happy for you. You are one of the people God likes. Congrats
  5. Little Lantern

    Little Lantern Be encouraged! Christ has overcome the world! Supporter

    United States
    I thank God for His continuing great patience and long-suffering in conforming me into the image of Christ. I thank Him for provision, revelation, direction, correction, and above all, His Presence.

    I thank God for my parents who trained us children to put God first set our minds on things above-
    -my father, a man of God and a godly example of walking in integrity without compromise, and
    -my mother, tireless student of the Bible, a, gifted teacher, and a giver of time, talent, and goods.

    I thank God for Mrs. Owen, Mrs. Vann, Mrs. Jordan, and Dr. Milner who encouraged me edified me
    personally and academically.

    I thank God for Mrs. Dych who gave me my first job and gave me confidence in my work ethics.

    I thank God for Mike E. who helped me in a job search and gave me transportation after an accident.

    I thank God for a little furry friend He gave me who was my faithful companion during troubled times.

    I thank God for Brother Moore who, except for my father, has been the greatest Christian influence
    of my life.

    (I am sure I will be adding more as I they come to my remembrance. :))
  6. sunshineforJesus

    sunshineforJesus is so in love with God Supporter

    United States
    I thank God for everything.