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Where Eagles Fly

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by goodnewsinc, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. goodnewsinc

    goodnewsinc Senior Member Supporter

    All Things Shall Pass Away

    What are you trying to preserve? You are wasting your time in a futile endeavor. “All things shall pass away,” including the planet earth and the bottomless pit of hell! We are living our lives in a heated rush! Why?? For what are men in such a hurry? What are we attempting to preserve in this temporary sphere? You are given “three score and ten years” on average down here, Psalms 90:10. Why are men scurrying about so much?!

    1 Corinthians 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound (you hear Jesus’ voice calling your TRUE NAME, Revelation 1:10-11), and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.

    2 Baruch 19:4 Now regarding everything that is, it is I that judge, but do not thou take counsel in thy soul 5 regarding these things, nor afflict thyself because of those which have been. For now it is the consummation of time that should be considered, whether of business, or of prosperity, or of shame, 6 and not the beginning thereof. Because if a man be prospered in his beginnings and shamefully 7 entreated in his old age, he forgets all the prosperity that he had. And again, if a man is shamefully entreated in his beginnings, and at his end is prospered, he remembereth not again his evil 8 entreatment. And again hearken: though each one were prospered all that time all the time from the day on which death was decreed against those who transgress, and in his end was destroyed, in vain would have been everything.'

    Life on planet Earth is STEP ONE in Father’s TWO STEP assize! All children must endure this necessary first step, 2 Esdras 7:1-15, Romans 6:18-23. All those subjected to the STEP ONE “exercise”, Ecclesiastes 1:13, shall be removed to STEP TWO, the “perfection” stage in Paradise! The Creator will fully complete His “education and training” regimen.

    You see what the angel said to Baruch. We should not be overly concerned about what happens to us in this life. It is “the consummation of time that should be considered”. What he means by that is the absolute END OF TIME for life in this world. At that point all men shall be removed from planet Earth, and Creator-God will burn the earth, and destroy the bottomless pit, death and the grave. He will then execute the penalty and judgment reached by the Heavenly Court at the beginning. He will ERASE THE KINGDOM OF DEVILS BY FIRE. All TIME (God’s children) will be “stuck together” as the corporate BODY OF THE SON-SUN and a completely RISEN Heavenly “morning SON”. The Heavenly morning SON-SUN will be fully risen to its VOLUME MAX (full numbers)!

    Secrets of Enoch 65:6 When all creation visible and invisible, as the Lord created it, shall end, then every man goes 7 to the great judgement, and then all time shall perish, and the years, and thence forward there will be neither months nor days nor hours, they will be stuck together and will not be counted. 8 There will be one aeon, and all the righteous who shall escape the Lord's great judgement, shall be collected in the great aeon, for the righteous the great aeon will begin, and they will 9 live eternally, and then too there will be amongst them neither labour, nor sickness, nor humiliation, nor anxiety, nor need, nor violence, nor night, nor darkness, but great light. 10 And they shall have a great indestructible wall, and a paradise bright and incorruptible, for all corruptible things shall pass away, and there will be eternal life.

    Each twin pair (of son-sun and daughter-moon) is ONE DAY of “spiritual time”. When we gather in FAMILY REUNION around Father’s Throne to celebrate the “Feast of Tabernacles”, that will be when “all time will be stuck together” as ONE FAMILY!

    John 17:21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. 22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: 23 I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.

    2 Esdras 2:38 Rise, stand up, and see the whole company of those who bear the 39 Lord's mark and sit at his table. They have moved out of the shadow of this 40 world and have received shining robes from the Lord. Receive, O Zion your full number, and close the roll of those arrayed in white who have 41 faithfully kept the law of the Lord. The number of your sons whom you so long desired is now complete. Pray that the Lord's kingdom may come, so that your people, whom he summoned when the world began, may be set apart as his own.' 42 I, Ezra, saw on Mount Zion a crowd too large to count, all singing hymns 43 of praise to the Lord. In the middle stood a very tall young man, taller than all the rest, who was setting a crown on the head of each one of them; he 44 stood out above them all. I was enthralled at the sight, and asked the angel 45 'Sir, who are these?' He replied, 'They are those who have laid aside their mortal dress and put on the immortal, those who acknowledged the name 46 of God. Now they are being given crowns and palms. 'And I asked again, 'Who is the young man setting crowns on their heads and giving them 47 palms?', and the angel replied, 'He is the Son of God, whom they acknowledged in this mortal life. 'I began to praise those who had stood so valiantly 48 for the Lord's name. Then the angel said to me: 'Go and tell my people all the great and wonderful acts of the Lord God that you have seen.'

    Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

    2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

    Isaiah 24:1 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. .. 3 The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the LORD hath spoken this word. 19 The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. 20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

    The tenets of the state of glory

    Secrets of Enoch 22:6 And the archistratege Michael lifted me up, and led me to before the Lord's face. And the Lord said to his servants tempting them: 'Let Enoch stand before my face into 7 eternity,' and the glorious ones bowed down to the Lord, and said: 'Let Enoch go according to Thy word.' 8 And the Lord said to Michael: 'Go and take Enoch from out his earthly garments, and anoint him with my sweet ointment, and put him into the garments of My glory.' 9 And Michael did thus, as the Lord told him. He anointed me, and dressed me, and the appearance of that ointment is more than the great light, and his ointment is like sweet dew, and its 10 smell mild, shining like the sun's ray, and I looked at myself, and was like one of his glorious ones.

    Secrets of Enoch 56 1 Methosalam having answered his father Enoch, said: 'What is agreeable to thy eyes, father, that I may make before thy face, that thou mayst bless our dwellings, and thy sons, and that thy people may be made glorious through thee, and then that thou mayst depart thus, as the Lord said?' 2 Enoch answered to his son Methosalam and said: 'Hear, child, from the time when the Lord anointed me with the ointment of his glory, there has been no food in me, and my soul remembers not earthly enjoyment, neither do I want anything earthly.'

    2 Baruch 43:1 'But, do thou, Baruch, direct thy heart to that which has been said to thee, And understand those things which have been shown to thee; For there are many eternal consolations for thee. 2 For thou shalt depart from this place, And thou shalt pass from the regions which are now seen by thee, And thou shalt forget whatever is corruptible, And shalt not again recall those things which happen among mortals.

    2 Baruch 44:The times shall change over you for good. And ye shall see the consolation of Zion. 8, 9 Because whatever is now is nothing, But that which shall be is very great. For everything that is corruptible shall pass away, And everything that dies shall depart, And all the present time shall be forgotten, Nor shall there be any remembrance of the present time, which is defiled with evils. 10 For that which runs now runs unto vanity, And that which prospers shall quickly fall and be humiliated. 11 For that which is to be shall be the object of desire,

    Isaiah 54:4 Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame: for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more.

    Isaiah 65:16 That he who blesseth himself in the earth shall bless himself in the God of truth; and he that sweareth in the earth shall swear by the God of truth; because the former troubles are forgotten, and because they are hid from mine eyes. 17 For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

    Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

    When God “makes an end of sin”

    Daniel 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

    “Sin is a demon” as defined in Genesis 4:5-7 in the New American Bible. The Judge Himself spoke the “Court decision”, “to Azazel (the devil) ascribe all sin”, Enoch 10:8-10. Therefore “to make an end of sin”, the Supreme Judge will destroy by eternal fire the whole family of demons imprisoned in the bottomless pit of hell. This act will erase their negative presence from God’s positive creations. But that is not all there is to it. Men and angels have “minds” and memories of what they have seen and heard and these events are stored in them. Think of a computer. Data is stored and written on computer disks and hard drives. To get rid of stored data a computer owner or data manager can permanently erase the data from the storage areas. God also has the power to erase all memories of what men and angels have seen happening to men and devils in STEP ONE during man’s wrestle with demons confined in hell. AMNESIA is a real thing that happens to men. As the scriptures above state, Father-God will ERASE THE MEMORY OF SIN, what we have gone through and observed happening to other men on Earth during man’s bout with devils. We will forget the shame and stigma of sin associated with incidents we personally experienced in this world. Father will white-wash our minds in our purification process shortly after we are retrieved from hell. This happens after Jesus calls our true names and we PASS OVER to Paradise.

    Now think about it! What are we hoping to preserve by creating statues, writing books of our deeds, and making paintings of a moment in time? I take a lot of pictures with my phone-cam! That is just a temporal activity for me during my tenure on the earth-stage! Why spend wealth on antiques just to possess them physically for a shot while? You cannot take any earthly thing with you when Jesus calls your TRUE NAME! “WE SHALL ALL BE CHANGED”! Your true face will finally be seen and your hidden glory and light will be visible to all once you arrive in the “Barn of Heaven”. You will need a mirror to see your own TRUE FACE and appreciate your glorious angelic body. You will respond only to your TRUE NAME. Your earthly name will no longer be spoken. Your brothers and sisters above will recognize and greet you by your TRUE ID fixed by Father-God at your creation. So get ready! Once you leave the bottomless pit and undergo processing in Paradise, you will remember events in this world for a very short time, just long enough for Father to explain what He has been doing. Once you have understood that, HE WILL ERASE THE MEMORY OF YOUR PREVIOUS PRESENCE AS A HUMAN ON EARTH FROM YOUR MIND. This is how Father “makes an end of sin” in each child as soon as he RISES! Now go back and RE-READ the scriptures listed at the beginning of this document. Father knows how to raise and educate His Family!! We all agree …”Father knows best”!!

    Now some of you might ask, “Why can’t we see demons falling through earth’s solid mass, since this place is a bottomless pit for them”? You know devils are porn artists! They climb aboard the bodies of all flesh and blood creatures to break their non-stop falling. There upon us, they resume their porn show activities. God does not want us distracted and disturbed by viewing porn shows everywhere we look, even on the bodies of animals, birds, and fish. Demons clinging to each person’s own body do engage in sex acts including sodomy all the time. Adam and Eve could not see devils as they exist in “invisible” spirit-form. So He kept them hidden (by His hands) from human eyes. Devils did learn they could communicate with man using a visible serpent as a disguise! There is a text in 2 Esdras 2:29 (Oxford Annotated Apocrypha) that states: “My hands shall cover you that your sons may not see Gehenna”. This is a reference for “hell”. God has kept the powers of darkness invisible to us. We do not see them falling all around us or clinging to men and other flesh forms. God knows how to manage His children being “exercised” with demons in their prison chamber. I repeat, “Father knows best”!
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