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What traits do you like/dislike in a significant other?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Sink' started by MehGuy, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. MehGuy

    MehGuy A member of the less neotenous sex.. Supporter

    United States
    Somewhat of an offshoot of my previous thread posted in the Kitchen Sink. These traits can cover the mental and the physical.

    Feel free to be as detailed and psychologically deep about why you like or dislike certain traits as you want. Even if you have not thought about the issue very deeply, this is a place where you can share your theories and in doing so hopefully those who read this thread can have new concepts to chew on and perhaps learn more about themselves.
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  2. Sodafox

    Sodafox Member

    United States
    I'm going answer this as traits for friendships since I'm already married to someone who I rarely fight with, although he does have this trait occasionally.

    Neediness/clingy. I'm a pretty independent person. I'm easily put off when someone other than family wants to text or hang out without a specific purpose. To me it seems like I'm just keeping the other person entertained. (Ex: a book club is fine since everyone is engaged in that activity. I hate getting asked to hang out when the person who invited me has nothing lined up. Or if they text/call but expect me to come up with the topic of discussion. If I invite someone to hang out I'll always have an activity in mind or if I text someone it's to relay information I think they'd appreciate or to ask specific questions)
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2021
  3. Sunshinee777

    Sunshinee777 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Well I guess I dislike all sin.. obviously. And I like a man who is protective, kind, quirky, funny, thinking out of the box..
  4. shineyourlight

    shineyourlight Well-Known Member

    United States
    Neediness, insecurity. We are all insecure about some areas of our lives, but when it's overall insecurity, I just can't. I worked hard on becoming a confident woman, and I just can't pour into someone's security. They have to find it for themselves. There are times for neediness. Heck, even at times, I become needy. It's human nature to have those moments and that's 100% okay. Again, I'm talking about overall neediness and insecurity.

    Co-dependency - WE are a team. I give, and I'll take and I expect my partner to do the same. However, when it becomes a co-dependency, it becomes toxic and unhealthy.

    I'm a Christian, so I would need someone to lead me and to encourage me in my walk with Christ.
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  5. jayem

    jayem Naturalist

    Emotional stability

    Dislike (basically the opposite of the above):
    Emotionally erratic
  6. MehGuy

    MehGuy A member of the less neotenous sex.. Supporter

    United States
    Kind hearted
    Open minded
    Secular in thinking

    More on the teetotaler side of the spectrum
    Failure of psychological self introspection
    Abnormal psychological problems (which can be forgiven if they practice intense self introspection since I'd be a hypocrite for demanding otherwise)