What if the Gospel was a hoax?


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Jan 28, 2021
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What if the Gospel was a Hoax?
You should have put this post and video further up in the category of the Christian Forum like the General Theology, Christian Theology, The Kitchen Sink, or the Junk Drawer. Not too many people venture all the way to the bottom of the Christian Forum categories. Anyway, I didn't watch the video because I have read many articles and watched many documentaries claiming Jesus was made up by the Apostles or the Essenes or the Romans or the Vatican. And after reading or watching these claims, I don't find them convincing.

I have gone through the Bible numerous times and each time I grow closer to God. Do I still have a lot of unanswered questions? Yes. Does every thing make sense? No. But in my heart and in my mind and in my soul, The Bible is literary perfection. It lays out for the common person how to know and love and serve Our God and how to live a perfect life and how to treat and love others in a world of total chaos.

What I tell my friends and non-believers is what if throughout ours lives we are preparing our soul to reach Heavenly perfection by training our brain to know and seek God. So that when we die, our brain launches our soul to the Divine Dimension where God resides (though God is everywhere, His Kingdom is not here on Earth). Those who do not seek God when they die will have nothingness (separated from God).

I follow Our God because His ways are perfect for our world. I have not come across any other religion or spiritual person who makes any better sense for peace and justice for all.
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