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Want to share my story, but I am also looking for encouragement and ultimately and miracle.

Discussion in 'Separation and Marriage Restoration' started by yambo1418, May 25, 2020.

  1. Continue to give her space and leave it in God's hands?

  2. Tell her how I feel even though it may appear as another empty promise from me?

  1. yambo1418

    yambo1418 New Member

    United States
    Day 6 of missing you……

    These are the words I wish I can say to you. I sit here, 11:55pm at night, a changed man with a changed perspective, but with that changed perspective also came a peace I never knew I would be able to obtain. I wish you would give me a chance to show you how in a matter of a few days with just me and the lord that I’ve changed. I am at peace because I know it is not my will but God’s will what comes next. I’ve learned to surrender my doubts, sadness, worries and guilt to him. No matter how much I would love to save my marriage I know it will not be up to me or you. Too many times I’ve tried fixing me, fixing you, fixing us when I should of laid it at the cross for the Almighty Father to fix. It was my job to just pray for God to work thru me to be the leader and man that you needed. It was my job to pray for you for God to work thru you to be the Wife I needed. Instead I faile in so many ways. I failed you. Instead of bringing you up, I put you down, made you feel unwanted and unworthy. Please forgive me. It was my own selfish pride of doing things my way and not the way the lord would of wanted me to be. I will pray everyday for you. That God will bless you in so many ways that you deserve. I will also pray that God works thru you to forgive me enough to come back to me. I have faith! I am finally giving you the space you wanted and needed months ago and I pray it gives us both some clarity to hopefully take what split into two back into one. I’ll love you always and forever, no matter if OUR story ends.
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  2. Arc F1

    Arc F1 Let the righteous man arise from slumber

    United States
    I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this difficult time. If it helps there are a lot of us that feel your pain. To often we don't see what went wrong until it's to late. We for whatever reason don't listen to the warning signs. Pray and own up to the issue is about all you can do. BTW, if you get another chance make those changes. Don't put it off or you will be right back in that position. I'm speaking from experience.
  3. NerdGirl123

    NerdGirl123 Member

    United States
    Perhaps ask her if she'd like to hear your thoughts, and give her a chance to say "Yes, I'm willing to hear what you have to say" or "No, I'm not ready or willing". My gut says to give her space. Six days is very little time for someone to genuinely change.

    Remember that if you genuinely love her, you need to hear what she's telling you. She's doing better apart from you. Don't take that from her. She may need this time for her own healing.