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Feb 2, 2022
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Pray about this. Lord do I have any spirits of doubt or unbelief. These spirits can be a real hindrance. Or do I have spirits of fear in waiting for God to manifest my answer while I am in a certain trial of trouble. Ps. 46:1 The Lord is a very present help in time of trouble--by faith. God said ask in Jesus name not that if you don't give to the preacher you get nothing. What if you need water in a dessert are you going to find a preacher before you die of thirst. Demons are not monsters, they are fallen angels and they are out numbered by the angels God puts around us. warning a commitment to Christ is mandatory then you can be under full protection. I know we are not under the penalty of the law in O.T. but you can see that Jesus had to change that curse. righteousness fulfils all the law especially Love God and your neighbor. Matt. 22:36-40. we must keep the darkness out of our lives and be full of the light of God's word 24-7