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Discussion in 'Non-denominational' started by Living for Him, Apr 19, 2002.

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  1. Living for Him

    Living for Him RTrue24Fan For Rocky

    In our new faith,we are now learnig alot and questioning our giving at church. We want to give our 10%,but what if we just can't right now? Are we sinning,or disappointing God? Input,advice,all is welcome and appreciated?!

    Living for him
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  2. MizDoulos

    MizDoulos <font color=6c2dc7><b>Justified by grace through f

    Hi, Living for Him ~ have moved your thread to the Bible Study forum for further discussion.

    NEW CLAY New Member

    Well I'm sure your going to get alot of advice here.
    Ya, that scares me a bit.

    It boils down to this, God loves a cheerfull giver, right?

    2 Corinthians 9:6-8

    6. But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.
    7. So let each one give as he -purposes- in his heart , not grudgingly or of -necessity- ; for God loves a cheerful giver .
    8. And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, have an abundance for every good work.

    Now, if your worrying about it, that would seem to be a problem, right?

    I think God would rather you be cheerful, and give with that cheerful heart, wouldn't you agree? If your not giving it cheerfully then your giving it grudgingly, right?

    Besides that, the tithe was given to the children of Israel, not the Church- You don't see the tithe instituted is the New Testament. But yes we are to give and we do see that in the New Testament.

    Research what I have said and see if you agree, ok?

    God bless!

    :bow: Jesus
  4. cougan

    cougan Senior Member

    I agree with New Clay. A lot of churches today try and teach that you are suppose to tithe, but this just is'nt the case. They like to pull things from the Mosaic law and try to apply them to us today. They pick and choose what they want to bring over from the old covenant to the new covenant. If you bring one thing over you have to bring all of them over which would mean keeping the sabbath. The sabbath was specifcally for the childern of Isreal and has nothing to do with us today. For instance if you are found working on the sabbath according to the bible you are supposed to be killed. Now that we are under a new covenant we need search our bibles on what it says applies to us today. The verse that Clay quotes is very good because it tells us that it is up to us how much we give and is not a set amount. If were suppose to give 10% that would contradict this verse since we are to give what we purpose in our heart.
  5. OntheRock

    OntheRock Member

    I agree that giving to the church is biblical but not through a tithe. A tithe is a good habit. I am poor, and I most definitely can't give 10% at the moment. But I commit to giving at least $2 a service and many times I give $10 or even $20. But I at least maintain my 2. I was not always poor, but when I became poor it came down to electric our tithe. I chose electric for my families sake. God, family, and then church.
  6. allieisme

    allieisme I am ME

    When we started growing stronger in our Faith, me and my husband both sat down and had this discussion...We agreed to tithe. Not just because the Church wants us to, or needs us to, (it was never put like that) we did it to grow stronger in our faith, And I truly believe God has blessed us even more because of this....Again my only my opinion...and I do not think that those who cannot give 10% are bad or sinning, or not listening to God, maybe its just a persons choice, but it does say to do so in the Bible

  7. Dewjunkie

    Dewjunkie Well-Known Member

    I tithe because I feel God asking me to do so. I tithe, because since we started tithing regularly, God has delivered my wife and I from financial ruin (bankruptcy, medical bills, not making it paycheck to paycheck) and has blessed us over and over. I got a significantly better paying job, we have been able to pay off all of our debt, and now have a little extra in the bank (which is a miracle in itself, considering we have 2 girls in diapers). I tithe because I want to, because God has given me so much, it's the least I can do.

    Living for Him; pray. God will tell you what he wants from you. He will provide unfailingly if you trust Him. God knows your situation, and will never let you do without.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member

    I believe in tithing and come from a church that practises tithing. I have a friend who wants to tithe but "doesnt have enough to". Some ppl who do not tithe consider themselves too "poor" to be able to do it. (of cse, many just dont believe in it) But then they do not realise that tithing breaks the poverty cycle (God pours out his blessings and rebukes the devourer).

    also, if say you earn only $100 and cant afford to tithe $10 now, what makes you think you can tithe $1000 when you earn $10,000? Start somewhere.

    btw, tithing began b4 the Mosaic Law.

    ps: dont tithe out of necessity. until you understand it and want to, dont do it, for you wont be a cheerful but stressed out giver!
  9. cougan

    cougan Senior Member

    I would like to say one last thing. If we tithe because of the law of Moses then we need to keep the whole law. There is absoutly nothing wrong with giving 10% if that is what you have purposed in your heart to give. Nor is it wrong to give 5% or 25%. Under the new covenant we are not regulated to give a percise 10%. Again I cant stress it enough we are to give what we PURPOSE(what we choose to give)in our hearts(2Cort 9:6-8). If you tithe because you think its the least you can do, you should be ashamed of doing the least you can do. We should always remember that God loves a cheerful giver and we reap what we sow. :)
  10. Elijah

    Elijah Berean

    Tithing is a rather simple issue. You can solve it with one verse (which one person has already shown), or you can expound on it. Both approaches will bring you to the same conclusions.

    The easiest way: 2 Corinthians 9:7 is one verse that shows the New Testament Christian God's philosophy on giving. It tells us basicly not to give by law (out of necessity). We are told in the James that were are under the "law of liberty". We are told in Gal 3, that were are no longer under the (Mosaic) Law, and that those who are are under a curse. It reaffirms that the Law was went to show us our wrong and bring us to Christ. Now that we are under Christ we are no longer under the law. Heb 8:13 tells us that we have a new covenant. Making the old obsolete. Now that which is obsolete is fading away and ready to dissapear. Since there is no New Testament mandate continuing the Law of the tithe, we are no longer under it. Instead as we see in 2 Cor, God wants us to give cheerfully. Not to give because we have to, but because we know he has lavished His gifts onto us and so as a reaction of love toward Him we will also spend those gifts. As we see with the New Testament church, they gave where they saw need. When the church in Jerusalem was in trouble, Paul went around to the churches to gather up money to help them. As we see elsewhere, we are told to take care of our own, even our own house, for if you don't take care of your own (It says) you are worse then an infidel. So provide for your family, then provide for the Christians around you in need, then give to other needs you find. Once the church was started in Acts 2, you don't see them giving to a "church" expect when that church was in terrible times. In famine, without food, without water, etc. So give where you see the need.

    Now as far as tithing as praticed in the old testament. We see in the Old Testament, that their tithe was a food offering. They ate their own tithe with the priests and all the lowly of the city. We even see a place with it says that if you can not bring all the food to the temple, exchange the food for money. Which I sure leads many to believe it can be money. Then if we go on it says, then when you get there buy food their and go into the temple and eat it with the priest, widow, orphan, etc. Be a Berean. Search the scriptures for yourself. It is obvious, but if you have any questions, or if you want more references to look up tithing on (in the Bible), feel free to ask.

    Remember, in the Old Testament they HAD to give 10% to God. In the New Testament, we are told to give 100% to God. Not just our food, or money, but our life. If you are sold out to God 100% then you will give as God leads you. That could be 1% or 100%, but you will do as God leads you cheerfully. So don't let 10% hold you back from giving all that God wants you to. And don't let it put you in debt because God told you to pay your bills than give what's left.

    Elijah (Acts 17:11, 2 Tim 2:15)
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