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Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Virious, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Virious

    Virious I do believe

    United States
    My Grandmother passed away yesterday at ten minutes after Six Central time. I found out she was sick about three days ago and in the Hospital. I loaded up and made the long trip to go see her because I needed to tell her that I was saved before she passed. She really was like a Saint. Honestly I don't think she has ever sinned as long as I've know her. I lived with her quite a bit growing up and she would always tell me that we are in the last days. Life happened and I grew apart from her. When I got to her bedside she was nearly deaf, blind, and medicated for her pain. She didn't know me. She thought I was trying to trick her. I told her that I was saved and then she came to for a min and said that is good, that is very good. I feel like putting on a backpack and going on a walkabout for a few days or more. I also went to see my estranged Father and he also is in very poor condition and gave me some of his possessions. My little brother died a few years ago from drugs. I just feel like I'm wasting time sitting in this house and missing out on life.
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  2. W2L

    W2L Well-Known Member

    I worry about wasted time too..
  3. D.A. Wright

    D.A. Wright Stealth Defender Of Holy Writ Supporter

    United States
    I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved grandmother. Isn't it glorious, though, that she was blessed with your testimony of redemption? One needs only imagine how many times she must have prayed for that very moment to be touched at how lovingly God preserved her in order that she might behold it. God has truly blessed.