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The Purpose of the Church-Edification of the Saints

Discussion in 'Daily Devotionals' started by Gerry, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    I had decided to discontinue the series on the purpose of the Church. But after the questions that have come up over the last couple of days, and some of the responses, I feel it is important to continue.

    We, as the Church have a responsibility not only to God but to one another to share what He has given us.

    One of my favorite little ones, last night , spoke of what god wants, and when I replied I could care less what god wants she was surprised. But I do care deeply what God wants.

    I know there are those who type only in lower case, but that is never an excuse for God with a small g, especially when you capitalize your own name.

    We are speaking about an Almighty, Holy and Righteous God, and we do not have the option to refer to Him with a small g. God and god are NOT the same.

    Jude 20: "But you, dear friends of mine, build yourselves up on the foundation of your most holy faith and by praying through the Holy Spirit keep yourselves within the love of God." JBP

    Ephesians 4:11-16: "His "gifts to men" were varied. Some he made his messengers, some prophets, some preachers of the Gospel; to some he gave the power to guide and teach his people. His gifts were made that Christians might be properly equipped for their service, that the whole body might be built up until the time comes when, in the unity of the common faith and common knowledge of the Son of God, we arrive at real maturity - that measure of development which is meant by the "fullness of Christ. We are not meant to remain as children at the mercy of every chance wind of teaching and the jockeying of men who are expert in the craft presentation of lies. But we are meant to hold firmly to the truth in love, and to grow up in every way into Christ, the head. For it is from the head that the whole body. as a harmonious structure knit together by the joints with which it is provided, grows by the proper functioning of individual parts to its full maturity in love." JBP

    II Peter 3:17-18: "But you, my friends whom I love, are forewarned, and should therefore be very careful not to be carried away by the errors of wicked men and so lose your proper foothold. On the contrary, you should grow in grace and in your knowledge of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ - to him be glory now and until the dawning of the day of eternity!" JBP

    I Corinthians 14:26: "Well then, my brothers, whenever you meet let everyone be ready to contribute a psalm, a piece of teaching, a spiritual truth, or a "tongue" with an interpreter. Everything should be done to make your church strong in the faith." JBP

    I Thessalonians 5:11: So go on cheering and strengthening each other with thoughts like these, as I have no doubt you have been doing. JBP

    Father, it is clear from these Scriptures that it is Your intent that we should share the knowledge You have given us, with one another. Help us, in the Name of Jesus, to freely give and freely receive. Amen.
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  2. GraftMeIn

    GraftMeIn The Masters Gardener

    I thank God you decided to continue this teaching Gerry :)

    It seems when we share what God gives us with others, He just blesses us with even more. I stand in complete agreement with your prayer.
  3. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    I am impressed of God, more than ever, that He has given us all different gifts and knowledge for many reasons. One of those is a simple blessing. It is a sheer JOY to fellowship through sharing and thus growing in His Truth.
  4. GraftMeIn

    GraftMeIn The Masters Gardener

    I'll say Amen to that Gerry! God uses us all in different ways, but for one purpose, to Glorify His Name.
  5. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    Yes, and there are many ways we Glorify God. I have posted some on this already but still have a few more ways to post. I have posted on: Fruit bearing, praise and prayer, and loving.

    But there are more I want to mention, like: Giving, preaching, personal ministry, witnessing, suffering, believing God's Word, acknowledging Jesus.
  6. GraftMeIn

    GraftMeIn The Masters Gardener

    There certainly are many ways to Glorify Gods Name. And I see you've mentioned many of them :)
  7. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    Yes, and again, this is where there are so many more. I am hoping that with so many Christians here they will join in and help list a few more.