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The Matrix and the Widow

Discussion in 'House Churches & Cell Groups' started by SwordmanJr, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. SwordmanJr

    SwordmanJr Double-edged Sword only

    It's interesting how similar Theo, in The Matrix, is to the widow with the issue of blood in the Bible.

    Theo went through all manner of hardships to grow into the ability to control the programming around him while inside the Matrix.

    What of the Widow? She scurried from one doctor to another, all of whom were very willing to charge her and collect their fee, even though they were utterly incapable of applying the healing touch she sought so desperately.

    Money depleted, nowhere else to turn, people on the streets passing her by with no insight into her condition as the life blood continued to leak out from her body, she heard of Jesus in the vicinity. Going to where He was in the city, pushing herself through the pressing throng wanting to see Him and hear what He had to say, she pressed and pressed until she was within reach of the hem of His garment, and power was released from Him into her broken body, healing her flow of blood instantaneously.

    When we read the actual words Jesus spoke, we see Him telling her that it was her faith that healed her by having drawn from Him what she needed for the healing she sought. Her faith was that great, and Jesus wanted to see and speak to her the words of reassurance.

    What about you? How do You overcome the adversities in YOUR life? What does it take for YOU to draw from the Lord that virtue of power to overcome the things in your life that can only be dealt with through the mighty power of the Most High?

    We have gathered so many times in our homes, and prayed so many times for each other and the many varying situations plaguing each family at various times, and some prayers were answered, and some were not. Overcoming our doubts, approaching each and every genuine need with the abandonment of all other avenues for resolution that would lessen our faith, just as did the widow, who had no other recourse but to place all her faith in the One toward whom she reached out to touch the hem of His garment.

    When we place our hope in no other but the Lord, we draw from Him what is needed to effect the realities around us and in us.

    It's inevitable that doubters will gainsay all of this, some even claiming that such things have long since ended with the last apostle, etc. Such people I will leave behind as I strive forward to overcome my doubts and my reliance upon all that is incapable of accomplishing the end that not only answers the need, but glorifies the Lord.

    Let the Lord fill your fellowship with faith so bright that the darkness of doubt is shattered by the Light that shines forth from His own countenance.

    Click here and be encouraged.

    And here.

    There are many videos in the Lion of Judah channel that are so very encouraging, and worthy of your time to hear.

    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
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