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The mark is right, but not correct; Armageddon is not right, but is correct (selah). Discuss.

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by Gottservant, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    Hi there,

    So a simple distinction for you to remember when discussing the Anti-Christ and the false prophet: what they stand for, is not false in the absolute sense - just inadequate to cover the breadth of God's judgment, as pertains the power the receive from the Devil. You have to think of it like this: if you are going to have a discussion with someone, you need to know where they stand and what they stand for - if you don't have these things, you are going to get into argument and never get out. By discerning the nature of the partial truth they represent, you can better negotiate what to do about them - when it turns out their stand is unsteady or shaken.

    So a look at the mark first: the anti-Christ will implement a mark in Israel, that identifies who the people in Israel are and what they are worth. At first glance you might think "the people of Israel are dignified, they don't deserve to be treated like chattel", but there is a simpler truth at work: the leader of Israel is different from the rest of the people there, and because he has the authority, it is up to him what he wants to do with it; in other words, the King is able to give himself pardon, for receiving a mark, which distinguishes him from all the other people that are not king (at least not yet). That makes the mark right. However it does not make it correct (to be correct, it would in principle need to be expressive of what the people want to be identified by (like tattoos, which are a little correct, but selfishly) - being a nation of God, that would be being recognised by their relationship to God (which cannot be marked).

    That said, let's look at Armageddon: the false prophet will provoke the nations to hate each other and come together in war - why? Because he is tormented by the grave he entered, while affirming the mark of the anti-Christ and is subsequently against all boundaries, not merely those of significance to the place Israel has before God. The false prophet binds the people to the nations of their inheritance, with the provocation which sets them apart from other nations (every nation is set apart differently), basically like flattery - only the people at the time of the false prophet, will be itching for flattery of some kind. Well so, if the people are itching for flattery and you set them against other nations in giving it to them, it may not be right, but it is correct. It is correct in the sense that nations ought to be able to ask praise of nations that have shared their walk with God with the world. The whole point is that you should not fight over it.

    So that covers the two most immanent tests of the faith and why you should be wary of people who panic at the thought of global oppression and chalk every leader that has to make hard decisions with the Devil, even if God does set you apart from the world to make an example of you, as you are tempted to suppose is good - for whatever reason: you are not in government or planning to travel from home. We must have patience, all leaders deserve respect and all people tempted by a false spirit have their reasons - there is nothing in this that says "no longer turn the other cheek"/"no longer forgive". Indeed there are many who will be in the fire of the second death, precisely because they suspected everyone and murmured against anyone. We need to love. Love covers a multitude of sins - if we know this, we ought to do it!

    Anyway, that is clarity that the Lord has given me, I hope it is of some service to you - the Lord keep you and bless you in all of your ways! God bless.
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