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The Manifestating

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Not me, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Not me

    Not me Righteousness is right and not me.

    United States
    Was there anything as simple and effective as turning to Christ in faith when He walked on this earth in the body? Is He now, after His resurrection and glorification less willing to bless and heal, restore and make well than before His Ascension? If that is a impossibility, than why don’t we see and experience more of Him in our daily life’s and walk?

    There can only be one answer. And that is because we are asking for something that Christ is not offering. Than, if that is true, than what exactly is Christ offering?

    We know we are saved, we know for the most part that we are suppose to stop or try to stop sinning. We know that God is perfect, just, righteous and good. And we try with all that we know to obey Him. Sometimes we do better than other times. But never seem to get to this place where scripture says; He will establish you in Christ.

    Where this constant sinning, repenting, feeling terrible, promising to do better. Than the whole thing starts again as soon as our passions and desires raise their ugly heads again. Over and over again, around the same mountain again and again.

    But do not fear, for this most assuredly is a very necessary first step in the coming to understand what our salvation in Christ consists of. This trying failing, trying failing. For it is through this struggle will we come to the place where we are so sick of the struggle we finally and actually turn to God in total and complete helplessness of ever doing anything that would be pleasing to Him. Which will be a total and complete turning from the life of this world.

    For it was Adam’s fall into the life of this world that was his separation from God. Therefore it was the death of his first life and the receiving of this life that was after the nature of this world that separated him from God. Therefore a total and complete giving up of the life of this world is necessary to return us to God. This is why Christ had to die on the cross. To bring to death that life that Adam brought to life. And restore that life that died when Adam fell. This is what is offered in the salvation that Christ purchased by His death and resurrection, a restoration of the life that died when Adam fell, and a death to the life that Adam received when He fell. To reverse the effects of the fall.

    Christ’s offer of salvation is a total freedom from the life that Adam fell into, a total and absolute freedom from all the natural life we were born with. Everything of the life of self. We struggle so with trying to overcome this or that particular sin that is particularly offensive to us, not seeing it is us that is sinful. A getting rid of the total of us is what Christ offer of salvation is. A brand new life. And this life is received by the heart that in simple faith would turn to Him and ask.

    For the heart that touches Christ with faith always receives from Him. For after His Ascension He received “all power.” Now He is able and willing to save those to the uttermost that turn to Him in the faith of their hearts, with the true desire of their hearts turned from themselves to Him.

    The reason we don’t see much of Christ being manifested is because we would be saved from this or that set of circumstances. We would not be saved and delivered from that for which Christ died to set us free from and that is us. We are that which Christ came to save, to save us from ourselves.

    The Divine Nature coming to birth and manifested in the believers life is the “greater things shall you do” we find in scripture.

    For this is why Christ died, to bring salvation to all that would be willing to receive it. And just what is that salvation? It is the Divine Nature coming to birth and than growing in the believers life. For the Divine Nature coming to birth in any creature is the greatest thing in all creation. For in the Divine Nature being birthed are both the Sons and Daughters of God being manifested. It is to this end Christ is now using His “all power” to the bringing forth of the growing, and the manifesting of the Son’s and Daughters of God.

    Blessings to all that would be willing to accept and grow such a great and awesome salvation in the time of the body. For it the death of the body the root has been planted.

    Much love in Christ, Not me
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  2. Oscarr

    Oscarr Senior Veteran Supporter

    New Zealand
    The answer to this is to forget everything you have been taught by pastors and preachers, and get in a quiet place and read through the Bible for yourself. You can start with Genesis and read right through the Revelation.

    Work out what you think has been written for your education but not actually for direct instruction to you. Discover the nature and character of God through the Old Testament books, and see what happens when people believe God and are faithful to Him, and see what happens when they fall away and go after idols.

    Read the Prophets and find out who they are speaking to and who is being referred to. There are "nuggets" in those books that can apply directly to us, and show that God is loving and faithful to those who are faithful to Him. We also so prophecies involving nations and when we compare history, we see how those prophecies are fulfilled.

    Also, see if you can spot the prophecies concerning Christ in the different books as you read through them.

    Then read the gospels and see how the true nature of God is fully revealed in Christ. How He dealt with ordinary people, and what He said to religious hypocrites who through they were the correct ones. Then read the description of His death and resurrection and how the disciples responded to Him.

    Then read how the Christian church was formed and how Paul planted churches around the Gentile world. And how the Holy Spirit first made His presence felt in believers.

    Then read the epistles of Paul, starting with Galatians (because that is the one that deals with salvation by faith and not by works). Then read the other ones to see what we need to believe and what God's standards of Christian conduct are.

    The book of Revelation is only as difficult as you want it to be. See what Jesus said to the seven churches at the latter end of the first century. Also, much of the book is symbolic and not to be taken literally. But look at the big picture and see the final outcome when God decides to wind everything up at the conclusion of human history.

    It is important that you, at first, ignore what you have been previously taught. Then, once having read through the Bible and come to your own conclusions, match your previous teaching with what you have discovered for yourself. If there are teachings that don't match, dismiss them because they are the theories of man and not of the Holy Spirit.

    Then, you can ask yourself the question: "Does Jesus really love me? Does He know me personally?" Go back through the gospel of John and Paul's epistles and sort out any evidence of whether Jesus loves you or not. Write down the Scripture references where it shows that God loves those who have faith in Him, and then ask yourself - "Do I have faith in God and in Jesus?" If you can say yes, then you can see through the Scriptures that you have written down that Jesus really does love you.
  3. Not me

    Not me Righteousness is right and not me.

    United States
    To know Him and be obedient to Him.

    Blessings as we feed our personal relationships with Him.

    Much love in Christ, Not me
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019