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Aug 10, 2006
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The Christmas bells are ringing
With people, carols singing
With gifts for others bringing
With groups of people mingling

It’s time for games and laughter
A time for lots of chatter
For people, others flatter
With many idols captor

They worship a god Santa
Who promises to grant a
Wish, which is propaganda
On people’s minds are planted

But he replaces Jesus
For he’s the one who treats us
The one who lives to please us
But also to deceive us

But Jesus lies in manger,
A helpless baby, stranger
While Santa’s his exchanger
And people’s entertainer

I hope you see the message
How Santa holds the leverage
How he gets all the coverage
Which covers all the acreage

For he is bright and jolly
Along with trees and holly
But he is just a dolly
A god who’s full of folly

So Santa do not worship
But faith in Jesus stir up
And time in God’s word curl up
And walk with Jesus perk up

An Original Work / November 25, 2023