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The borrower is a slave to the lender

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by Blue sapphire, May 5, 2010.

  1. Blue sapphire

    Blue sapphire Newbie

    So says King Solomon in proverbs 22:7..... wise words for those who would wish to go into too much debt.

    So if a nation goes into too much debt....they also become a servant to their lenders.....this senario seems to be playing out now in many nations.

    It will be a hard lesson to learn for those nations and they would have been wise to read and adhere to the words that God inspired King Solomon to write.

    And so the words of Jesus that man does not live on bread alone...[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Geneva] BUT ON EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD.' "Mat 4:4.....reminds us yet again, of the foolishness of our own wisdom.[/FONT]
  2. heron

    heron Legend

    In Relationship
    Good topic.

    This borrowing-lending setup is not as direct as it sounds, and has influenced currency values, arms exchanges, food prices, and on.

    There have been times when a country was given money, but at the same time exceeded the donor country in another economic category.

    It is not always about needing, borrowing, then paying back.

    As you say, there are obligations. Resulting consequences. Value shifts. Some of this is done to stabilize, which over the long term prevents oppressors from stepping in.

    Over a year ago the world watched the markets and economies of many nations undergo volatile devaluation. Economists gathered to find ways to pull everyone up together, because the markets are so intertwined.

    The exchange of money is sometimes more about stabilization than generosity. Building bonds to make way for exchanges, trade, manufacturing relationships, research.

    But as you point out, the donor could become the bully, even if in quiet ways.

    I think that Solomon also saw this on the global scale, because he was involved in international politics. Rulers visited him to discuss political issues. Solomon heard all the stories; and since he ruled a large area, maybe he even did a bit of that lending.
  3. Blue sapphire

    Blue sapphire Newbie

    Umm.....so the Greeks are not liking the idea of becoming a slave......well it won't be long before many others will join them.

    Rather than rail against their Government though....... better to pray to the Almighty for guidance and repent of their sin.
  4. Biscuithands

    Biscuithands Newbie

    [FONT=&quot]EXODUS 22:25
    If thou lend money to [any of] my people [that is] poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer (debt collector), neither shalt thou lay upon him usury (charge interest).

    -just saying-
  5. Blue sapphire

    Blue sapphire Newbie

    Sure but those laws were meant to protect Israelites who found themselves in financial strife.

    When a nation finds itself in financial strife due to excessive spending, than the creditors to that nation......are not bound by these laws. No they want their money back plus interest.

    Besides if a nation is spending more than it earns......that practice will have to stop one day. Better it be sooner than later......for the next generations sake.

    Where are the leaders of the nations spending too much?

    Where are the people praying for the leaders of their nations......coming together in small groups praying.....being forgiving of others while seeking forgiveness....... and through Christ coming to God interceding for their country.

    If such groups existed and were fervent in their intent and actions......Gods Spirit would be released upon that nation for healing.....

    Jehovah answers our prayers......do you believe it.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2012