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Thank you God for saving my life today and watching over me......

Discussion in 'Armor/Blessings Thanks' started by MommytoTJ06, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. MommytoTJ06

    MommytoTJ06 Guest

    I was heading to work this morning and it was raining pretty bad and I was not wearing my seat belt (never make that mistake again) and was speeding (never do that either) when I hydroplanned and my car spun out of control going 70 mph and I took out a steel beam on an exit sign and landed in a ditch. An Iraqi soldier stopped and helped me I ended up slamming face first into the steering wheel and Jamal (the man who stopped) called my family and the ambulance. I sat in my car gushing blood from my nose and then I started to slip into a concussion state and the ambulance took me to the hospital. All in all I was lucky no bruising to the brain and no spinal injuries however my nose is broke, my cheekbone is broke, and I have a mild concussion. Also, I have to see a plastic surgeon in 2 weeks when the swelling in my face subsizides to see if I need a nose job which they said the insurance will cover because it is trauma related. I am so soar my eyes are bruised, my nose is swollen and bruised, my chest is bruised, and my hand is bruised. But God was on my side for sure because it could have been so much worse.
  2. ~Jo~

    ~Jo~ Just becareful out there.

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    :) Well mommytoTJ06, I can truely say god must really love you and your guardian angel must have been sitting next to you on the day you had your accident, you are one lucky lady and I do hope you will next time slow down and put your seat belt on cause you never no what will happen travelling on the roads today, you must have heard the expression here today gone tomorrow, please mommy take more care and I do hope you recover back to normal health soon....:prayer: just for you.....
  3. MommytoTJ06

    MommytoTJ06 Guest

    Thank you so much for your well wishes and prayers Silver.
  4. MommytoTJ06

    MommytoTJ06 Guest

    I got the final report on my injuries and God was definitely watching out for me because I literally walked away from this accident with bruises nothing came back broken on the x-rays and there was no internal injuries. I will always wear my seatbelt after this. The adjuster for our insurance said the car was beyond repair and totalled it out. I feel absolutely blessed by God.