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Tel how God blessed you.

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by altya, May 10, 2002.

  1. altya

    altya Servant of God

    Most of us are so blessed by God, and we quote “God blessed me’”, but I would like to know how God blessed you. I love to count my blessings and to share is a way to count and to testify at the same time. So come on and share with us.
    While I was away for a few weeks, my mother started a ministry at the age of 80 years. This is a blessing right from God.
    My first born grandson, now 7 years, phoned me Sunday, telling me that he (Sunday school project) do small works for people and this money that they pay him is going to Sunday school to buy bibles for the poor and needy people. This is also a very great blessing form God for me. I am mad about my family serving God in such a way.
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  2. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    The biggest blessing I ever got was to be suddenly broken financially. I lived in utter poverty for three years, with no hope of improving my condition through my own efforts. I had to depend on God for everything, even money to ride the bus to work. It taught me that God is trustworthy under all circumstances, and that blessings don't always come packaged as material goods.

    I might never have trusted God with my heart and soul, if I hadn't known Him this way.
  3. 2Tim4:7-8

    2Tim4:7-8 New Member

    Kind of along the same lines of "lambslove" (in a way)...heh

    I would have to say when my Ex Wife divorced me....it broke me....and made me turn to Christ.

    I knew I could not get threw the divorce with my own strength....only threw His.

    Now, I have my salvation....the greatest blessing I have or will ever receive.... :bow:
  4. altya

    altya Servant of God

    This is a great lesson to learn and you will benefit for the rest of your life because you have learned that God is your Supply.
  5. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    It also taught me that I don't need a lot of things to be happy. Now that I have more, I am not one speck happier than I was when I had nothing. Less fearful, sure, but not happier.

    You know, it's funny, the other night I was mourning the things I lost way back then, more than 17 years ago. But the things I missed weren't the house or the car or the jewelry, it was my childhood mementos that I was mourning. The doll my mom saved up for an bought me; she loved that doll, because she had wanted one like it when she was a child. And the little house my dad made for me. And the papier marche piggy banks that I collected. And the two little music boxes my mom bought me just because she knew I would love them.

    All that's gone, but it is the love that each one expressed that stays with me. I don't have those items, but I have the love and the memories of the love with me forever.
  6. AngelAmidala

    AngelAmidala Legend

    God has given me the strength and courage to go on and be happy and free after ending a 3 1/2 year relationship with my ex-fiance.

    Last night I took care of the only thing I had connected to my life with him...the electric bill for the cottage we were renting. :)


    Go me!

    I think if I was in this same situation years ago, I would have been totally crushed and broken. But instead I am so strong and empowered. :)
  7. altya

    altya Servant of God

    Sometimes we gain our salvation through hardships but nerveless its the greatest blessing anyone can receive.
  8. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

    it's always encouraging and uplifting to hear God's work in others lives.
    i've been quite saddened and frustrated lately coz i suddenly realised that there was no one there for me, and it really ate into me that i couldn't find one single friend in church to share my thoughts with. I prayed that God'd give me a spiritual friend, and i don't care who he/she is.
    Anyway, in one bible study session, the main message brought out was specifically targeted at Love among brothers and sisters in church. And ever seen i've been emailing to some who don't mind using emails for communication, and i feel that i'm finally part of the fellowship, thank God for listening and answering!
  9. Sammi

    Sammi New Member

    It was my birthday on April 19. I was having this casual conversation with the Lord. I said to Him, "Lord, I don't regret for quitting my job as an accountant but I miss all the great buffet lunches I used to have - oysters, salmon, prawns, japanese food, western food... ". The following day, a friend who didn't know that i love these food took me to my favourite place & gave me a great treat which had all those stuff I just mentioned. When I was helping myself to all the wonderful goodies the Lord reminded me of the casual conversation I had with him!!! You see, the Lord hears every prayer & know every thought even if it's just a casual one. He loves to make us happy!!!!!!
  10. altya

    altya Servant of God


    Psalms 37:4  Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart
  11. Chris†opher Paul

    Chris†opher Paul Based on a True Story

    He got me through my CS degree during a hard time in my life, which allowed me to pursue a great career, marry a beatiful wife, and now we have a wonderful son.

    Before my son was born I came down with some serious problems, but once they were resolved, I was able to handle the responsibility of caring for a child. During the problems, I didn't understand why it was happening to me, but in retrospect, I see that I had to suffer in order to be healed, for my son's sake. ;)

    God rules. :D
  12. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    He gave eyesight to my son born blind, and He has allowed me to love the greatest woman He ever created!
  13. PaxChristi

    PaxChristi Sheep

    Girlfriend (whom I love) better in school, more good friends, taking away of cynicsm etc.,
  14. altya

    altya Servant of God

    I went to a prayer meeting and I overheard what the leader of women conferences said about me. This blessed me so much, I never knew that she thought so highly of me as a person.
  15. Seed

    Seed New Member

    He, came in to my life.

    Thank You! :bow: Jesus
  16. altya

    altya Servant of God

    I prayed for someone who have cancer and she got her healing. I am so blessed.
  17. altya

    altya Servant of God

    I lead someone to Jesus this afternoon and he cried so much when the anointing of God came on him. It’s awesome to see how someone accepted Christ as Savior. I am so blessed.
  18. solo66 man

    solo66 man Well-Known Member

    Who can count them all?
    Christ died on the cross, shedding His blood (our saving grace) and then was raptured. That is the most major and the first blessing.
  19. amie

    amie Survivor

    thats beautiful Gerry...