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struggling with doubt ... :(

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by laura_lynn, Mar 16, 2004.

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  1. laura_lynn

    laura_lynn Member

    Hi there,

    I'm Christian .... and always try to push doubt out of my head, but in the last few days it's becoming too real. It started by talking about other religions - So many other believers of other religions face miracles just as Christians do. The question comes in of, "what if we make things happen for ourselves? Or, when we think we feel God, it's just that - it's a feeling we're making up FOR ourselves?" Simple question, one I thought wouldn't have to be asked after believing in Christ for awhile.

    I thought everything was okay. But now I feel like there's a huge pit in my stomache. What would I do if there's not a God? If so, these past few years have been a joke, all of these thoughts and all of this time I have put into it worthless. It's the most painful thought in the world when the realization comes that it just *might* be true.This all snuck up on me totally, that doubt would slam into me like this and now I feel almost desperate to be convinced again. I thought I was past the point of feeling like this. I'm aware this might sound a little crazy... but does anyone else deal with doubt this way? And how do you overcome it?
  2. Bro. Gabriel

    Bro. Gabriel Sinner

    The Bible says that Satan is a great accuser and deceiver.

    You are experiencing what many Christians experience in their lives: doubt.

    Is it healthy to doubt your faith? Is it of God?

    I honestly don't believe so, and I believe the Bible teaches us otherwise. Satan will do EVERYTHING in his power to make us second-guess our faith and feel unworthy or question our beliefs. Don't give in. Don't let him win. He wants you to fail because he might see potential in you, or see you as a threat to his evil cause.

    God sees you much differently. He sees the fact that you could do so many wonderful things to glorify Him, if you'd only just give up this doubtfulness and have faith in Him.

    Do you have faith that can move mountains? Do you have faith like a child?

    Without faith, it is impossible to please God.
  3. laura_lynn

    laura_lynn Member

    You are right. Faith is so important, but are we supposed to ignore feelings of doubt? One thing I felt would happen when posting my struggle is that someone would just say, 'well then your faith is obviously not strong enough' (although thank you for taking the time to respond, i am thankful for you) I pray as hard as I can, read christian books and listen to christian music, am active in the church, and try to keep God's will as a main priority/goal, but this doubt is still here. Is there anything in the bible which tells us how to deal? Are we just supposed to force ourselves not to think like this? That just furthers the doubt, that we may not be even SUPPOSED to question what we've been taught. (as embarrassing as it is to admit that...)
    Thank you for replying :sorry:
  4. PottersClay

    PottersClay Servant of the Most High

    That, my dear hurting sister, couldnt be further from the truth. God, Jesus, our faith etc are either Truth or they arent. If they are, they can stand up to all the scrutiny you can come up with.

    I know your doubts are troubling, but there's something in you that isnt willing to accept something as Truth just on someone eles's word.

    Do you know what I say to that? Good for you! Go ahead, examine Jesus. Examine what He taught. There is an excellent book by Philip Yancey, called "Reaching for the Invisible God". The book was written from a doubter's perspective. He's great about being honest about the really, really hard questions. I think it would be tremendously helpful for you.
  5. Eternal_Believer

    Eternal_Believer My friend call me fanatic

    Wow many people on this forums got quite the same problems as i do.

    Well i overcome it by thinking it through and praying
    All the times u prayed and it was answered. Coincidence? nope. TOo many times for that. Also when you are touched by the holy spirit, most cry. i know i do. Well thats another aspect. But what i do immediately when the doubt comes is to pray. I just pray for stronger faith and i ask god to teach me in his ways that i can confidently say hes 100% for real. Just pray and confess every single doubt unto him and ask him to deal with the problem as he thinks is best. Dont withhold anything. By confessing it you are admitting it to him and yourself. Only by admitting it can you rectify because if you try to deny your doubt in him, Your bluffing yourself, Hence it would be like forced faith. He will help us as he loves us and will not forsake us. Thats the best part eh. A god who always helps and loves us and picks us up when we stumbleor fall. And he saved us, preventing us from going to hades. Remember he died for us.

    Also i'm trying to read the bible more as god can reveal his purposes and designs through the bible. Most importantly pray.
  6. laura_lynn

    laura_lynn Member

    Pottersclay - wow! you know what? I bought that book a couple years ago and never got around to reading it. It's sitting on my shelf along with a few other philip yancey books. :) He's my favorite author, in particular for his book "what's so amazing about grace" - thank you very much for the recommendation and encouragement :hug: (silly emoticon)

    Eternal Believer - you gave advice/opinion, as surprisingly simple as it was, which was really exactly what was needed to be heard. All honesty, you hit bang-on with the coincidence comment (which is one way God shows up for me all the time when my mind is in other places) :pray: (again, silly emoticon)

    Even through this little thread, God's blessing is seen. Maybe for a doubter to hear that "it's okay" is all we need sometimes...
  7. notofthisworld

    notofthisworld Junior Member

  8. UndeservedFavor

    UndeservedFavor Newbie

    Two great books I would recommend to those whom doubt are;

    Doubt: A Road to Growth - by Jackie Hudson


    In the Grip of Grace - by Max Lucado

    Doubt is not unbelief. There is a big difference. Doubt is questioning what one believes, Unbelief is choosing to not believe despite the evidence given. Thus doubt can only exist if it has substance to question, therefore your faith. So take courage! Many of the Biblical heroes doubted,

    He reaffirmed John the Baptist after he doubted Jesus as God (Matt 11:3), He immediately rescued Peter from the sea after Peter focused on the circumstances and doubted Jesus' ability to sustain him. (Matt. 14:30). He met Thomas' ransom demands in lieu of his threat to not believe. (John 20:25). He rapidly healed the son of the doubting father in response to his double-minded plea "I do believe; help my unbelief". (Mark 9:17-25).

    Perhaps you read the above examples are wondering like I was, "If Jesus is faithful to restore His children, how come he hasn't restored me?" I can't answer that. For no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God, and those whom He chooses to reveal them too. (1 Cor. 2:11, Matt 11:27). But He has revealed these examples to us to show that He is faithful. And He has given us promises that we can cling too.

    One of my favorite promises is 1 Peter 5:10

    After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.

    (BTW it appears this post was nearly 4 years ago, but I decided to reply as this is a struggle that many go through, but few wish to talk about, so I'm glad you did).
  9. Sketcher

    Sketcher Born Imperishable

    Well, warm feelings don't constitute miracles, first of all. Real miracles are more often found in hospital beds and missions field, IMO. Which isn't to say that God doesn't answer prayers for safety, provision, and the like either. I believe he does, and I believe he has answered too many prayers for me to write him off. Seriously, what would I say to him at the judgment if I abandoned faith in him and attributed it all to chance? And if there is no God, then living life as if there was one is worth it anyway because the chances of that are slim to none. Somebody made this universe. Somebody up there has an opinion on how we are to live our lives. Somebody up there answers prayers. I don't want to miss out on eternity with him. If I'm wrong, then oh well. We won't find that out until after we die anyway, so I really don't see a point in turning my back on God.
  10. Christsdaughter

    Christsdaughter Member

    I agree 100% with what Eternal Believer said! It also helps me to pray and ask for stronger faith when I feel the tiniest doubt or if Satan is feeding me some lies and I am struggling with believing them. It helps to also spend time in God's Word, seeking His Truth and choosing to believing that instead. If you are unsure about anything (at least spiritually) and you "Ask, Seek, and Knock", God will open the door and reveal the answers. Also, when he tells you to do something, obey him.

    God Bless!
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