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Something Amazing

Discussion in 'Salvation (Soteriology)' started by Sidon, Jun 16, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States

    God's Grace is amazing. !!

    Its interesting that believers always hear this word.."Grace" but they are not taught how to understand God's MERCY, as God's Grace.

    So, we now turn to Paul, and we find our understanding of HOW to see Grace, and HOW to understand Grace, as God's Blood Atonement.

    The NT says that the new covenant, was created with and by the BLood of Jesus.
    Jesus is the author of the New Testament that is the New Covenant, that is written and created and sustained by the BLood of Jesus.
    Hebrews 9:12
    The reason that Jesus's blood that was shed 2000 yrs ago, saves you today and keeps you saved for eternity, is because Jesus is God, and so..... that blood shed is GOD's Blood.
    There is Redemption POWER in the BLood of God.
    SIN, is no match for God's BLood.
    Resurrection power is found in the Power of the Blood of God.

    Grace, as a theology, is "the preaching of the Cross".
    Grace, as THE NEW Testament, is the sole means whereby God's mercy has established the offer of Himself on the Cross, for all your sin.

    Reader, the reason for the Cross, is to deal with all your sin, as if this is not resolved for eternity, then you can't go to heaven for eternity.
    You would only go there to be judged for not having this BLood applied to you on EARTH.

    Its our sin that has separated us from God, and it is God's mercy as Jesus on the Cross who has dealt with all the sin of the world, 2000 yrs ago.
    All sin, for everyone, has been paid for and resolved on the Cross.
    Yet, some still went to hell today, and tomorrow, and yesterday.
    Why? Its because the resolution for their sin, that happened on the Cross 2000 yrs ago, has not been APPLIED TO THEM.
    So, they died without this "salvation". They died "lost"....because they rejected Christ and were never born again.

    Salvation is the individual application of what God did on the Cross, to each person who believes in Jesus.
    This is the "Gift of Salvation".
    Its always offered to everyone, at all times, but not everyone will take it....not everyone will believe.
    If you die without it, you have died with your sin unforgiven, or as Christ explains, "you will die IN your sins".
    Grace is the OFFER of that situation being eternally resolved for you, by Jesus's blood and death.
    = The Cross.
    You can't do that for yourself, which is why God left heaven, just for you.

    Now here is something else amazing....
    Its amazing that God, as Christ on the Cross, "became sin": of/for the entire world.
    And by becoming sin, God is judging Himself on the Cross = by the shedding of His blood, and by His Death.
    See that Amazing PAYMENT for Sin?
    You can't pay it, but God did 2000 yrs ago, for you......, and this is >REDEMPTION< that is offered as "the gift of Salvation". This is the "blood Atonement" which is the New Testament and New Covenant.

    Now see all that?
    See How God came to deal with all your sin, and in this we find God's Grace as the sacrifice of God for all our sin.
    And God did this for free. He did it. WE get it.
    He died so that we can have the END RESULT, which is to be : "MADE RIGHTEOUS".
    God became our sin,so that we can become His very Righteousness. : "the righteousness of God, in Christ".

    See that ?
    Paul defines this as "the Gospel" that we preach.
    Its the Gospel of RECONCILIATION.
    Its God bringing us back into His eternal family by resolving all our sin, and giving us His very Righteousness as our "new Creation" Born again, Spirit.

    Here is the verse...

    """"""God was IN Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing (charging) their SIN unto them; and hath committed unto us the = word of reconciliation."""

    See that "word of reconciliation"?
    That is the "gospel".
    That is "the preaching of the Cross".
    That is "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God".

    That is God's Grace, given as .."the gift of salvation"< and "the gift of Righteousness".
    This is the "word of reconciliation" that is THE Gospel, which is "the preaching OF The Cross".

    Reader......Nothing is more amazing than God leaving heaven and becoming our sin on earth, and in this, we are made His very righteousness for all eternity.
    This is to be "born again", as "the righteousness of God, in Christ", as "the new Creation".

    That is Amazing Grace..
    Its all provided by God for FREE, and it is truly so very very amazing.

    Philippians 1:6
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2021
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  2. BBAS 64

    BBAS 64 Contributor Supporter

  3. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Hey Bill,

    Thx for the Link.
    Enjoyed it.

    Paul said that he had accomplished more than "all the other apostles combined".
    So, this is as Paul explains...."Not I who live, but Christ who lives IN ME".
    This is Paul as the perfected : "Christ always gives me the Victory", ....Son of God.
    This is Paul as the completely yielded vessel, totally transformed as "in the world but not of it".
    This is Paul as totally spiritually energized by the Spirit of Jesus, doing the work of God, by the Power of God's Grace.

    Reader, God's GRACE is everything.
    Its your salvation, its your empowering, its your transformation, its your Victory.

    This LIFE of Christ that is shown in the NT as working through Paul, is available for every believer.
    God is amazing and His Gift of Grace is amazing, .. and when we by revelation understand as the renewed mind who we have BECOME as the "New Creation" "In Christ" and thereby begin to exist in THAT FAITH, then this verse...>"As Christ is, so are the born again in this World", becomes the power of GRACE that Paul described as : "as many as be perfect be thus minded".

    Reader, see the 'thus minded"? This is the "unity of the Spirit" that is found as the renewed mind in "as many as be perfect".
    Few have this, because most believers are trying to work AT being saved, vs resting in the Grace of God that IS your Salvation.

    Christianity is not about what i can do, or what you can do.
    Christianity is about what God has done for us, (Redemption), and what God can do through us.

    Discipleship isn't about trying to work to please God. But rather its about allowing God to do His work through us.
    The only thing that blocks this, is your faith.
    See, wrong faith blocks Grace., which denies God's power access to empower you to live in His deliverance and empowerment.
    The renewed mind......which is to only see yourself as God has recreated you to be as a "new Creation, in Christ", releases you into : "Christ always gives me the Victory".