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Restraining order

Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by radhead, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. radhead

    radhead Contributor

    Has anyone here ever had to issue a restraining order (or some equivalent) against someone?
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  2. unkalledfor

    unkalledfor Guest

    Baseball Bat > Restraining order

    but.. seriously speaking i recently had a stalker-ish situation, it was pretty creepy... she kept finding out things about me somehow.. like where i was, who i was with.. some people just don't know how to get a hint.. she told one of my cousins "I'm going to marry him and he doesn't even know it"... my cousin was like... ummm okkkk

    she still coming to my church but she's calmed down a bit for now...that I know of.. lol

    It's pretty awkward when i see her... because she looks at me pretty creepy, kinda like a stalker look.. donno how to explain it..
  3. traingosorry

    traingosorry I'm what Willis was talkin' bout.


    Against Coach.

    But he's been ok lately.

    Otherwise no. Have you, Rad?
  4. radhead

    radhead Contributor

    Fortunately, no. But I considered it. I did have a sort of "almost" stalker I had to deal with at a workplace once. But we have communicated and have become good friends. She is seeing someone else now.
  5. Wren

    Wren Well-Known Member

    United States
    I've had a stalker in RL, but it never got so far out of hand that I needed a restraining order (a few phone calls to the police eventually took care of it).
  6. oncewaslost

    oncewaslost owl

    i've threatened... but no.
  7. unkalledfor

    unkalledfor Guest

    Talking to friends I was surprised to find that a lot of my friends have had some sort of stalker-ish/stage-5-clinger experience some point in their lives.. lol
  8. Blank123

    Blank123 Legend

  9. .Mikha'el.

    .Mikha'el. Mod Queue Spam Troll Banner Extraordinaire! Staff Member Supervisor Supporter

  10. Apollo Celestio

    Apollo Celestio Deal with it.

    Christian Seeker
    No, but getting one is on my to do list. (Against batman.)
  11. overit

    overit Veteran

    United States
    I had to get a protection order from my husband-that was a very hard yet necessary thing to do. My cousin once has a seriously psychotic exbf that was a stalker-his stalking spilled over into my life and my home. When she got the restraining order it included him being prohibited to contact any of her family including myself, my kids, etc.They guy was a piece of work-it got so bad that on one of his calls to me (to find her) when he threatened suicide for the million time I yelled at him: Why don't you just do it for once and put us out of our misery-let me know if I can help .....tell you what he's still live and kicking but didn't call me again :)